Baptisms at City Centre!

October 16, 2011 at 11:29 PM 1 comment

Today as well as many other Sunday in the past year I have had the great privilege to be apart of many people’s baptisms. Not only have been the person doing the baptism but I have gotten to know each of the candidates and learn their story.

You probably all know this by now, I love stories, to tell them and especially listen to them. So when it comes to learning each candidate’s story of salvation and how they came to make the decision to be baptized I am so intrigued to hear their stories.

I wanted to share a few of the candidate’s stories with you without using their names:

Having a conversation with couple about a year ago I found out baptism was not important to them. Throughout the year I had many conversations with the husband about many things including baptism. Through time and prayer he came to me one day and asked to learn more about the baptism process at City. A number of months ago I had the privilege of baptizing him. Then a few months later his wife also decided to be baptized. They both have powerful testimony’s about how they didn’t at first believe baptism as an adult was important because they had been “baptized” or “christened” as an infant. But through searching the Scriptures they both came to realize that it was a command from God and they both agreed, on separate occasions, to step out in obedience to be baptized. You have to meet this couple God has really gotten a hold of their hearts and they both are serving in our church!

One young man in his early 20’s after being “baptized” as an infant in the Philippines decided to be baptized again as an adult because he wasn’t a believer when he got “baptized” as a child and now he is and he wanted to follow in obedience to God’s command. Also he told me about how he had been living for the pleasures of the world and one day a person who he asked to be his mentor asked him a questioned that turned his life around and he has never looked back: “are you really a Christian because what you’re doing is very inconsistent with what you say, and God has called Christians to be holy, now are you pursuing holiness? And I had the privilege of baptizing him a few months ago.

Today I had the great privilege of baptizing a couple who came to Canada separately but God has brought them together since. Their stories are very different but I wanted to share them together.

The male of the couple was born in a Muslim home and he practiced Islam for most of his life. His Mom always read both the Quran and the Bible. If you were caught openly practicing another religion besides Islam, you become an outcast and you would lose the respect of everyone. He told us, “I knew my Mom had a passion for Christ and I envied that because with Islam I felt disconnected from God, I always had to pray in Arabic and I often questioned a lot of the teachings. However, I kept being obedient and figured maybe that’s how it should be.” After he moved to Canada for school, he kept practicing Islam. During that time his sister became a Christian. Both his Mom and now his sister were praying for his salvation every day. A few years later he decided to pray and ask Christ to come into his life and he did and finally the young man was FREE!

The female of this couple was born into a Christian home and became a Christian in high school. She went to church each week, got involved in church activities, prayed and made Jesus the centre of her life. But when she also moved to Canada for school, her life changed. Jesus wasn’t as important as he was because it was hard to live a Christian life in a new country and environment. She started to make wrong decisions and followed the wrong crowd and didn’t seem to care. She stopped going to church, stopped praying and studying her Bible. She allowed her life to get in the way of her relationship with Jesus. Even though she was living a life contrary to the Word of God, when she faced trials she always prayed to ask God for help and he did. She says, “I thought to myself, if God has always been there for me then why did I stray so far.” She shared with me that through the prayers of her Mom and family she found her way back. And now she is living for God for good!

Now the two of them are very close and decided as couple to be baptized together. It was a powerful morning.

One more candidate was a 9 year old girl who asked me to read her story for her. Even at the age of seven after she accepted Christ she asked her Mom repeatedly to be baptized. In her testimony she talked about liking the cookies and candies at Sunday School because they were as sweet as God’s Word. She quoted John 3:16 and talked about how important it was that Jesus died on the cross and saved us all from our sins. She loves Jesus and wants everyone in the congregation to know it. She wrote, “I think we have an awesome God. We are so lucky to have a God like Him who died on the cross for our sins. His Kingdom is truly our home. Who can be better than Him? Being baptized is a great way to show that I believe in Jesus and want to follow Him forever!”

Powerful stories, and those are only a few of the many that I been blessed to share in. God is so good!!!

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