Day 92-105 of the reno

October 14, 2011 at 4:01 PM Leave a comment

I know it has been a long time since I have posted an update on our reno but unfortunately it has been very slow going. My last post was on August 31 and since then the contractor has only been able to be at the house about ten days out of the last month and a half…because of sickness, a very sick dog, and other issues all beyond his control.

But I am pleased to say the reno is almost done. As I am typing right now the floor is being finished (we love the way it looks with the colours we chose on the walls). The other things left to do are the bathroom shower and the fireplace stones. Then a bit of touch ups here and there and it will be complete. We are hoping to see the whole project finished by mid-week next week.

Unfortunately the contractor has a deadline that he cannot miss: Oct 22! De-Ann’s Mom is coming down and we need to have the bedroom complete so we can start putting furniture in and start getting ready for her arrival. Please pray there are no more set-backs.

Picture #1-5: the living room flooring is almost done. The fireplace is still waiting patiently for it’s stone. Picture #6-8: the flooring is still to be done in the bedroom and closet but the painting all complete. Pictures #9-10: this is an example of the door we chose and the door handle. Picture #11-16: shows that most of the flooring is complete in the hallway. The only place that is still to be done is in front of the stairs. Pictures #17: the cold storage door is framed and put in.

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