Chucke Cheese’s

October 14, 2011 at 4:38 PM Leave a comment

Because it was such lousy weather we couldn’t go outside to help the kids get out the “wiggles” and let them run around and play in an open space. So we decided to try something new: go to Chucke Cheese’s.

When we arrived we got cool infrared stamps on our arms (don’t know why, but they were cool). Then we went and found our sit ordered some food, then walked around to check things out. Shawn hung out with me and we pushed every button in that room. And believe me, there were tones of them. Faith hung out with Mommy and explored and area she could find.

The food arrived and we sat down to eat a delicious pizza. Because we forgot to bring their sippy cups they drank from our drinks with straws and did a very good job too. It probably will only be a matter of time and they will be drinking from their own “adult” cups.

After lunch we went around and played games and rode on rides. The tokens we used came with the lunch. But it was a bit pricey, not something we could do every week or even once a month. But it was fun and the kids got to ride on some crazy cars, “fly” with two cartoon characters and go four wheeling on the biggest truck I have ever seen. The kids and Mommy and Daddy had fun and every time we played a game we earned tickets which at the end of our time there we cashed in for a sheet of stickers each for Faith and Shawn.

Check out some of the fun videos we took while there. Highly recommend going but go on a dreary day on Friday morning. Seems to be the best time, hardly any kids. My guess is Saturday’s would be very busy and noisy.

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Day 92-105 of the reno Birthday celebration

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