“She did it!”

October 8, 2011 at 8:26 PM 1 comment

Disgusting alert!!! If you don’t want to read about a toddlers accomplishment on the potty, stop reading!!!

As you probably guess Faith finally went poop in the toilet tonight. But the story behind it, and how we discovered it was remarkable. Keep reading if you want to know. Mark this date on your calendar: Sat, October 8, 2011 @ around 7:45pm!

The kids were taking their normal Saturday night baths. Having fun splashing, playing and getting clean. After they were both washed up and clean I took Shawn out of the tub and dryed him off, changed him, and put him to bed. While I was in Shawn’s bedroom I heard Faith say “I have to go potty.” Next thing I heard was the toilet seat slam down. When I got to the bathroom De-Ann was talking to Faith. She was asking Faith if she went poop in the potty. Faith said “yes.” Then she asked me if I had put anything in the toilet from Shawn or one of the cats. I told her no. Then we both broke out in applause! “Faith finally went poop in the potty” and we kept clapping telling her how proud we are of her. She was smiling from ear to ear. We were so proud of her!

As we promised when she ever went poop in the toilet we gave Faith a sticker. But today was special so we gave her a temporary tattoo that we picked up from Old Navy. While De-Ann was drying Faith’s hair I was applying the tattoo to her arm. Faith was so proud. And did I mention we were proud too?!

We are hoping this is the beginning of many more poop’s in the toilet. Thanks to baring with me as I post about such a disgusting topic. But if you are a parent you know how big a deal this is. For some reason Faith has no problem with peeing in the potty and has been doing so for months. This is the final step to being fully potty trained. Yeah!!

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