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Setting: Faith has a ton of fuzzy friends in all shapes and sizes. She also likes to take the few fuzzy friends that belongs to Shawn and many times we find Faith with one or many of Shawn’s friends. We’re still not sure how she gets them but she does.

A couple of mornings ago Faith had taken one of Shawn’s newest fuzzy friend (given to him by Mema). When De-Ann went to get her up she noticed it was Shawn’s and not Faith’s. So the following is the short conversation they had.

De-Ann: That’s Shawn’s Kitten. You’ll have to give it back to him.

Faith: No, Shawn’s got lots of friends Mommy!

Faith is still learning how to share and as you can see from this illustration we have a long way to go until she is sharing freely. Ah, the life of a 3 year old.

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