A full day with the kids

October 7, 2011 at 11:36 PM Leave a comment

It all started with Faith, Shawn and I going to the playland in Milton (A). At least trying to get there. After a couple trips up and down the street, we finally found the place. After the second time turning around in the same driveway, Faith said “try again Daddy?” When we finally pulled into the right parking lot Faith said “you found it Daddy.”

When we got into the playland area the kids took a b-line for the puzzles, and played with them for at least 30 minutes. We hung out for a few minutes with the favourite friend: Titus. Then he had to go for a doctors appointment so the kids said good-bye and blew kisses to both Titus and his Daddy. After he they left both Faith and Shawn went in two different directions. Shawn grabbed a toy vacuum cleaner and did what he does best–clean. Faith went to the paint board and started to splash paint on paper, then went to the glue and paper station, then onto the play-do station. After a while they both ended up at the sandbox. They did so many other things and then we finally left over an hour later.

The next stop on our road trip was McDonald’s (B). Faith recognized the restaraunt as soon as she sees the big “M” in the sky. She gets so excited. We actually went to two McDonald’s because the first one was full of high school students, we couldn’t even see the cashiers and counter. So we went down the road towards the highway and ate at the second restaraunt. Both kids did so well, they ate their hamburgers and fries. Faith even shared with Shawn her last few fries because Shawn had already finished eating.

Then we left for Brantford (C) to pick-up my sister (Joy) to take her to her favourite place in the world: Fair Havens Bible Conference (D). Keep in mind I had the kids the whole time. From home to Brantford to Fair Havens and back home. Traffic was brutual so the trip took almost double the time.

When we arrived Faith and Shawn got out to stretch their legs and Faith had a potty break (3rd ones since we left home…yeah Faith). Then we piled back into the car, said good-bye to Aunt Joy and blew her kisses as we drove off. Back on the road this time a much quicker trip because we took Hwy 407. All and all the whole trip took us 7 hours! Sure we had some fights among the kids, Faith was bossy a number of times, and Shawn had a meltdown once, but the kids were good for such a long trip.

During most of the trip she would ask “Aunt Joy home Daddy?” Which I kept saying “no, Baby we’re taking Aunt Joy to the trailor.” This went on most of the trip, and when we pulled into the driveway of the trailer Faith said “Aunt Joy’s trailer Daddy?” She finally got it. haha.


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