So thankful for Apple geniuses

October 4, 2011 at 8:26 PM Leave a comment

Some of you might not know, last night, my MacBook dropped out of my backpack onto a hard concrete floor in the basement of our church.

Needless to say I was very upset, but more so angry with myself for not zipping up the backpack where the laptop was in. I lazily put my laptop in my backpack and didn’t purposely zip it up because I was only going downstairs to set-up it to teach a lesson that night. When I went to bend over to put something on the floor the laptop had a life of it’s own and began to fall to the floor. It was like my life went into slow motion as I watched it topple over as I tried to grab at it. I felt helpless.

The truth is this is not the first time this happened, but the first time was minor scrapes and scratches. This time it was a serious dent. A dent that exposed the underneath of the laptop so dust or dirt could get in if I didn’t get it fixed. It also looked very ugly.

Not knowing what to do I decided to contact the Apple Store to find out if they could repair it and how much.

After setting up an appointment with an Apple Genius, I was told my hard drive could be damaged for good. He took it into the back to check how serious the damage was, if any. After about 15 minutes or so, he came back and pulled out an estimate. He proceeded to explain the possible cost of the repair. With replacing the top cover and bottom case it was going to be almost $400.

Then the genius did something I never expected, he said “I’m feeling generous today” and he moved his finger to another column on the page that showed $0.00. Then he said “how do you like this price?” I was shocked and obviously said “I love it.” And I continued to say “thank you” over and over again. He politely said “you’re welcome” and got me to sign on the dotted line. The only catch is that they had to keep my laptop for at least two days.

Without my laptop I had to figure out how to use a pen and paper again. It’s been so long. Haha!

I’m so thankful that my iPhone can send and receive emails easily. And I can update my blog and other Internet related activities. Phew!

A huge THANK YOU to the Apple Store at Square One and the Apple Genius that was so generous to me today!


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