Small groups celebration breakfast

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This morning I had the first of hopefully many small group hosts and leaders celebration breakfasts. I wanted to give the hosts and leaders of all our small groups a special thank you for the first season of our small group ministry–at least since I took over the ministry’s leadership. So I thought what better than some food and a chance to share some God-stories with each other.

We had a nice continental breakfast care of Tim Horton’s and spent a few hours sharing what God has done in each of our small groups since we started back in January. We were even reminising a bit only 8 short months ago we were meeting to talk about leading small groups in that very same room. At that time we had 3 small groups, but today we are excited to say we now have 19. We are hoping by the end of the year to be up around 25. But only by God’s grace and leadership can this happen, so we are all on our knees.

There were some great stories shared about authentic community and spiritual growth happen. One leader shared about the excitement of each group member having about meeting and they were disappointed if the group was cancelled because of weather or other issues beyond their control. Another leader shared about their group has decided to start a second group in the new year and two leaders from within the group have emerged to lead both of these groups. And a third group might be starting next Fall from that one of the groups. That is very cool. There were other great stories that were shared about small group members growing together, learning from each other and caring for each other. So many great God-stories were shared.

Another thing that happened at this meeting was all the leaders and hosts there were in agreement to do a small group-wide service project. We are going to help one of the ladies in our church make 200 comfort packs (see below a picture of some examples) for a local Christian ministry (Open Door) that helps those in need–immigrants, homeless, and those just starting out. These comfort packs consist of hygiene products such as soap, shaving cream, razors, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. Not only did we decide to do the 200 that she would like to us to help out with, but we decided to do as many as each group wanted to do. If every group got on board it will only be 7 comfort packs per group, that is less than a dollar per member. One person suggested we do comfort packs for teens and children as well. I can’t wait to tell the lady who has been doing all this herself, the exciting news. She is going to be overjoyed. I know I am.

Finally all four components of our small groups at City Centre are being met: outreach (the reason for the 1 or 2 empty chairs in the room), authentic community & spiritual growth and now service.

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