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As many of you know my Dad has been in the hospital over two weeks now. He first went in because he collasped in his front yard while picking up a rock. Thankful one of his neighbours found him and brought him to the hospital. The same “good Samaritan” also went and picked up my Dad’s sister to bring her to the hospital. I am so thankful for this neighbour. When Dad finally gets out of the hospital I want to thank him in person–we all do! When Dad was finally diagnosed he had a high fever and some other issues that caused him to be dizzy and collapse.

Since being in the hospital we have found out not only does he have a high fever but he also has a collapsed lung which has made it very difficult for him to breath. He has an IV with antibotics and oxygen to breath with. But just recently the oxygen line has been taken away, which is good news.

Dad even had a stint where he was contagious. Whenever we would visit him we had to wear a gown, mask and gloves. But that didn’t last and now we are able to visit with out all that “stuff” on.

Dad has had so many visitors, my aunt and uncle, my little-big brother, my sisters, his nieces and many of our cousins (those are the only ones I know about). But just recently he had two very special guest–my brother Paul and his wife Denise. The reason this was such a special visit is because they are truck drivers and they are on the road 3 weeks of the month, or more. And they never know when they are going to be back in Southern Ontario or Brantford, for that matter. So last Wednesday we found out they were going to be in Mississauga and wanted to find a way of visiting Dad. After a number of calls and texts I decided to let them use my car so they could park their truck (it’s a Volvo) in my office parking lot and take off to Brantford to see Dad in the hospital. Thankful they were able to spend a number of hours with Dad. I am sure that was a big surprise and pick-me-up for Dad.

Because of Dad’s possible contagiousness I have held off bringing the kids to visit him. Obviously they wanted to see him and we wanted him to see them. But we thought it was best to wait until the doctors said it was okay to visit with children. Today was that day so we packed up the kids and made the trek to see Dad. I am so glad we did. He was overjoyed to see them and we had a nice visit.

Both Faith and Shawn got a chance to sit on the bed with Dad and hug and kiss him. They got to just hang out with him. Faith even got to read some of her favourite books to Dad (they call him Opa). I would read a few lines and Faith would finish the rest of the sentence, we did this with two or three books. Her favourite by far still is the Miffy series. She has the ‘Miffy is an Artist’ book memorized. Dad would marvel at Faith ability to remember what the next word or sentence as I read. I was so proud of her. Hopefully some day it won’t be from memory but from reading.

Even though our visit was short, the kids and Dad (Opa) enjoyed themselves. But after almost an hour in one room they were ready to go home. So we packed up the kids, said good-bye to Opa and Aunt Joy–both kids blew kisses, gave high-fives and hugs as they were leaving. Oh I almost forgot, Faith had been rehearsing all day that she wanted to say “Opa feel better. I love you” which she said as we were leaving out the door.

One final note, Faith prays for Opa every night before she goes to bed. She prays “Pray Opa feels better. Amen.”

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