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Halloween 2011

What a fun night with the kids. Shawn was a lion, cute one if you ask me. And Faith was Super Faith.

First, I went out trick or treating with our kids around our court while De-Ann stayed home and gave out treats. Then when we got home the kids and I helped give out treats.

While trick or treating I held onto Shawn’s hand and Faith held onto Shawn’s other hand. We were like a little train. When we walked up the front door of the first house Faith said “I’m scared Daddy.” I told her there was nothing to be afraid of and then I stepped up to the front door and rang the door bell. I taught Faith to say “trick or treat,” so she said it. It was cute to hear her say it for the first time in front of strangers. And of course everyone’s house we went to loved both kids’ costumes. I have to admit they both looked so cute. See for yourself and tell me what you think. See pictures below.

The next few houses Faith went to had jack-o-laterns, tombstones, and other scary things including at one house they were playing spooking music. Faith would stop at the bottom of the stairs and say “should I be scared Daddy?” I kept telling her that there was nothing to be scared of because I was there with her. Then each time she would venture up the steps. When we got to the door Shawn would try to reach for the door bell, but couldn’t reach it so I had to pick him up. Man, did he ever enjoy hearing the bell ring when he pushed the button. He kinda likes to push any buttons. We finally reached the last house and headed back home. As we were walking back home Faith kept saying “should I be scared Daddy?” I’m not sure where she heard that but it was so cute coming out of her mouth.

As I said before when we got home the kids really got excited about giving out treats, actually even more than going trick or treating. When the door bell rang the kids would stop whatever they were doing and run to the door. You should have seen how excited they got when they heard the door bell. Faith and Shawn would take turns opening the door and the other would grab the bowl of treats with me and both kids would give out treats. Faith was very generous with handfuls and Shawn was very frugal giving one treat in each bag. I had to shake his hand just so he would let got of the treat. Mean while I had to stop Faith from giving away the whole bowl to one person. Too cute.

Check out the pictures below of us trying on the lion costume on both kids and then of the two of them in their costumes just before we went trick or treating.

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Shawn’s new closet

When we bought the house Shawn’s closet was empty, so we had to find something to organize it. We bought a set of shelves, drawers and hanger rods in a set. See the picture below shows the only instructions they gave me. It’s just an illustration of the closet organizer unit).

See the slideshow below of the empty closet, boxes the items came in and the instruction sheet which weren’t very helpful at all. The rest of the slideshow is of the closet organizer installed in the closet with all the clothes and diapers set-up nice and neat and tidy. It was a lot of work especially because the instructions were not so helpful. I went online to see if there was any company that had instructions. I could only have pictures, so I used them to put it together. I finally went back to the store we purchased the unit from and the lady at the counter told me I should have received an instruction sheet, then she gave me one. It was just one sheet with a few pictures and some instructions. Still not as helpful but it did make me realize I was on the right track. haha.

I finally got it all put together and it looks a lot like the illustration on the sheet I was given with the first set of boxes. Then today we picked up the rest of the shelving which I put together and now the whole organizer is completed, finally!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Shawn, a big helper…sorta

Now that we have the missing shelves from Shawn’s closet, I can go upstairs to put them all together while the kids and De-Ann go to the park, but first I need to cut the lawn. I better hurry though. Hopefully I will be done before the kids and De-Ann get back.

Lawn is cut and I barely started the shelves for Shawn’s room and De-Ann and the kids got home. Bummer! De-Ann brought Shawn upstairs to watch me. Shawn came and sat in my lap and was mesmerized with what I was doing. He watched intently as I put shelved together, screwing and fitting them together.

Shawn noticed my screwdriver set, grabbed it and broke it! haha. He is Mr. Destruction. haha. He only broke the case. Screwdrivers and bits are fine. After I finished Shawn’s closet, Shawn helped me to put all the clothes and diapers back into the closet. He was such a big helper…sorta.

After the kids go to bed, I will post pics of the new closet, all organized. Check back soon.

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My daughter: living contradiction

Faith has been sleeping on the couch beside me as I work on my class I am teaching on Sunday. After a while she wakes up. At first she is half asleep so she tosses and turns, then eventually she is wide awake. She asks for water, then to go to the potty. After she comes back she is so wide awake and no way she is going back to sleep. So I try to get her to lay back down. No such luck.

Next she starts hitting her belly, kicking her legs, and blowing kisses to Sherwin. Then she moves her feet closer to my arms so she can touch them and tickle me. This girl is awake for good.

I look over at her and she announces …    Daddy, I’m tired!”

So I told her to go to sleep, to which she laughs and continues to play, make noise and bug me. Too funny!

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