Faith & her phone antics

September 24, 2011 at 2:25 AM 1 comment

I thought I would share a few stories of Faith and her phone antics.

The first time I can think of Faith and a phone of any kind is when she was only a year old, she was given a Fisher Price toy phone. She would pretend that the phone was ringing and answer it with a simple “hello.”

The next time was after I finally bought an iPhone, I gave Faith my old cell phone–a flip phone. She loved to flip it open and say “hello” then she would have a full conversation with whoever she pretended it to be on the other end. Most of the time it was Mema (De-Ann’s Mom). She was so proud after getting off the phone with Mema. She would tell us all about the conversation.

Other times were when Faith could carry on conversations that made no sense but was fun to hear her having these conversation. Especially with strangers. We had a regular problem with telemarketers calling us, so whenever they did call we would give the phone to Faith. She would talk and talk and talk until the person on the other end hung up. It worked like a charm and Faith got to chat with whoever would listen–but only for a minute or two. De-Ann listened in on one of the conversations and the person never got a chance to say anything. They just listened.

Just recently while I was visiting my Dad in the hospital I called home so Faith could talk to her Opa (my Dad). So I called and told De-Ann to expect my call and when I called back Faith answered the phone. She started chatting, and chatting, and never stopped. I kept trying to tell her to wait until I gave the phone to Opa, but she wasn’t listening. So finally I just gave it to my Dad. She did finally recognize she was talking to Opa but carried on a conversation with herself. Every once and a while Opa would say “that’s nice honey” or “what did you do today?” Where Faith would reply but go right back to having her own little conversation. Once during the call she said “bye Opa” so Dad thought she was done. She wasn’t. After he thought she was done he gave me the phone. Faith was still talking. I told her to wait while I give the phone back to Opa, but she kept on talking. Finally the call was over and she said to my Dad “I love you Opa” and “bye bye Opa.” Then when I finally got the phone back Faith said “I talked to Opa Daddy” and hung up. I didn’t even get to say good night to her.

I am sure there will be many more phone calls that will make me laugh or might lead to another post, but for now, I will sign off and hope to type another day.

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