Stinky diaper

September 22, 2011 at 1:13 AM Leave a comment

This morning I woke up to the clicking of a door opening and closing. Who else, but my lovely daughter Faith was making all this noise. I couldn’t take it much longer so I got up and met her at the door. She looked up at me and I pointed to her bed. [Faith knew this meant get back into bed and stop fooling with your door, and stay in bed until Mommy or Daddy come to get you up. The reason she knew this was because this wasn’t the first time she did this…more like the millionth time. Okay, a bit of an exageration, but it seemed like it].

Anyway, as I was pointing to her bed she looked up and said “I’m stinky Daddy.” I looked at her and said get to bed, but then I caught myself and said “no, baby come and lay down and Daddy will change you.” She obediently layed down and I went and got a new diaper. [Yucky alert…She is in the middle of potty training but for some strange reason she has no problem with #1 in the toilet but she only goes #2 in her diaper or pants, so we have been putting a diaper on her to sleep in. It’s better for all involved because she will not go to the bathroom if she needs to go #2. Don’t know why, that’s just the way it is].

So I sat down to change Faith and she said “Daddy, gonna need some wipes.” I had to laugh because I had forgotten to get them, but more importantly she was right we needed them. Smart girl. haha. Now we just got to get her to realize how important it is to do her “business” in the toilet and not in her diaper.

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