Faith & prayer

September 14, 2011 at 9:37 PM Leave a comment

When Faith first learned how to pray it was short, simple and slow. Now it is fast and impossible to understand most of the time.

So we have been trying to teach Faith to slow down and speak so we can understand.

Here’s what usually happens at the dinner table. We hold hands to pray and Faith prays. But if we haven’t held hands yet and I touch Faith’s hand she automatically starts to pray. It’s like pushing a button with her. Touch her hand and she prays–fast too. So we have started to say “wait until Daddy says so, then you can pray.”

Sometimes we forget to tell Faith to start, then she starts to pray before anybody is ready. She figures she’s ready, then everyone is too–at least they should be. Haha!

The other night at the dinner table we start the process to get ready to pray. De-Ann holds onto one of Faith’s hands, then I hold onto Shawn’s hand. Then finally I hold onto Faith’s other hand. As I’m doing so I tell her to close her eyes and off she goes praying as fast as her tongue can carry her. So before she prays this time I tell her to slow down so Daddy can understand so she literally prays in slow motion!!

Oh I almost forgot, after Faith prays both Faith & Shawn clap for Faith’s prayer. It’s very cute.

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