Morning with Faith

September 8, 2011 at 10:27 PM Leave a comment

I was in the bathroom shaving and Faith walks in starts staring at me and says “what doing Daddy?” I told her I was shaving. She stood there and continued to stare at me. Then she noticed the holder for my razor and grabbed it off the counter. I told her that it wasn’t a toy and she should put it back on the counter. She looked at me and clutched it to her chest and gave it a hug. I let her hold onto it until I was done shaving.

After I finished shaving, I started to splash my face and Faith asked again “what doing Daddy?” I told her I was cleaning my face. She smiled and stood there until we both heard Shawn in his room. Mommy was getting him up. So we both went in to say good morning to him. At least I thought Faith was behind me, but no, she was in my dresser picking out what I was going to wear this morning. haha. Next thing I know she comes in to Shawn’s room with a t-shirt she has chosen for me to wear. Then I go into my closet to grab a pair of pants and before I get a chance to do so she grabs a pair of jeans and gives them to me. So there you have it my daughter picked out my whole outfit this morning. And best of all, I wore it with pride.

We then all went downstairs to have breakfast. I put Shawn in his high chair as Faith crawled onto her kitchen chair. Put bibbs on them both and we sat down to breakfast. Shortly after it was time for me to go to work. I said good bye to everyone–kisses and hugs.

As I was leaving this morning I heard Faith yell from the breakfast table “I love you Daddy!” Then she blew me a kiss. What a great morning and a great way to start my day.

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