Faith’s dilemma

September 4, 2011 at 3:07 PM 1 comment

As you know Faith has been with us for 2 years and then along came her brother Shawn, but not as a newborn baby, NO, as an 18 month old who looks like he is 3! He is almost the same size as Faith. He has size 5 feet (she has 3) and he is at least 5 pounds more than she is. Needless to say he is a big boy. So she inherited not just a younger brother, but a big brother!

Here is where her dilemma comes in. Because he is her younger brother she finds herself being his little “momma” on occasions, but on the other hand she finds herself his rival when it comes to toys, books and our attention.

There have been ocassions where Shawn is playing with a toy or reading a book or just minding his own business and Faith decides she wants to play with whatever he is playing with or she just wants to hit him or kick him or bite him. So she does. [Of course after she has done these things to Shawn she is dealt with and realizes what she has done is wrong. After a stint on the naughty chair she apologizes to him].

Then there are those times where Faith surprises us, she does things only a caring loving sister would do for her little brother. Like today before naptime I was already upstairs getting Shawn ready and I realized his sleep toy (Snuggly) was not in his room. So as I was opening up the door to go and get it Faith yells up from the bottom of the stairs “Daddy Shawn’s Snuggly is downstairs.” And before I get a chance to bring it, she brings it up for me or says “I go get it for Baby Shawn, Daddy.” She has also done this with Shawn’s water bottle as well. She has even gone out of her way to consol him with a big hug and pat on the back–mind you most of the time the reason he is crying is because of something she did or said to him. haha.

We are hoping she is going to grow out of the “sibling rivarly” stage and become more of a friend and loving sister so we will see more loving caring moments and less selfish ones.

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Bedtime with Baby Shawn The last long weekend

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  • 1. Paul DeGraaf  |  September 4, 2011 at 5:46 PM

    Nice story Andrew. Thanks for sharing about these growing years in Faith’s young life. You’re a good dad! Love ya, p.


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