Bedtime with Baby Shawn

September 2, 2011 at 9:10 PM 2 comments

Putting Shawn to bed has been very interesting lately. He has not been going down as quickly and easily as he used to. It could be that he is sick or maybe because we are starting to wean him off the bottle of milk at night.

FYI…we inherited the drinking of the bottle of milk before bed and nap from the foster family. They used it to help Shawn go to sleep. So since he joined our home we have been slowly weaning him off the bottle of milk. We first started by giving him half the milk in the bottle, then we switched the milk to water, and lately we have been trying no bottle. It hasn’t been going very well. It takes Shawn much longer to go to bed.

Anyway, tonight was very interesting. Shawn and I went upstairs with bottle of water in hand. When we got upstairs I put Shawn down to change his diaper. I went to go get the diaper and wipes, turned around and Shawn took off to the corner. He even tried to get behind the crib but his head was too big. I called for him a couple of times and shook his head no. I finally coxed him to come over and lay down. After I changed his diaper and put some vapor rub on his chest he seemed relaxed. I went to clean off my hand and turned around and he was gone again. This time he was trying to crawl under the crib, again his head wouldn’t allow him underneath. He went back into the corner and stood there and starred at me. I told him to come and give Daddy a hug. He looked at me and smiled then took a b-line for me so fast as he could that when he reached me he knocked me over with a big hug. Since we were already on the floor, I finally got him to put on his PJ’s.

Now was the task of getting him into the crib and go to sleep. Again he slipped away from me and went back into the corner. I went and got him and gave him the bottle of water. At first he didn’t want it but eventually after a few fun kisses to the neck and a big hug he was happy to accept the bottle and go into the crib. I put him in, prayed with him, told him I love him and kissed him on the forehead. He giggled and smiled and then went back to drinking his bottle. After a few minutes I was able to leave the room. I heard him cry a bit but eventually he went back to drinking and finally to sleep.

Night, night Baby Shawn. Daddy loves you!

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