My little shadow

September 1, 2011 at 9:03 PM Leave a comment

This morning Faith was following me around everywhere I went. It all started with her coming into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth. She came running in excited to see me yelling “Dadddddyyyyy, Dadddddyyyy!” Once she calmed down she looked up at me and said “you brushing your teeth Daddy?” Of course I could speak because I was brushing my teeth. But I did say “yes” between the brushing and with toothpaste in my mouth. She was happy with that answer and left the bathroom. Not for long though, she came back as I was finishing up and asked again ” brushing your teeth Daddy?” This time I was able to answer without anything in my mouth.

Next I was pulling my contacts out of the containers and starting to take them out to put them in my eyes and she says “putting your eyes in Daddy?” I had to laugh. I asked her “where did you hear that?” She just smiled and gave my leg a hug. Later I asked De-Ann if she had said that to Faith and said no but we do say it outloud sometimes.

I then went to the closet to get my clothes. As I was getting my shirt, she asked the obvious “Daddy, getting your shirt?” I alway answer her the same way “yes Baby.” Then she asks “that your shirt, Daddy?” Again “yes Baby.” She is so inquisitive. So now I have my close on and I am reaching for my belt and she ask “that your SEAT belt, Daddy?” I had to laugh. I explained to her is was my belt, not seat belt. As I putting my belt on she sat down on the floor with her Bunny Bear and waited for me to be done.

As I was done getting changed Faith looked at me and said “Done Daddy?” As if to say “Are you done yet, because I really want to go downstairs and have breakfast!” Then she said “Breakfast Daddy!!! Yeah!” So went downstairs to have breakfast with the rest of the family.

I just love it when Faith is my shadow in the morning. It doesn’t happen very often but so glad when it does.

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