Day 81-91 of the reno

September 1, 2011 at 10:41 PM Leave a comment

As you can see from the pictures below we are nearing the end of this reno…finally. It has been a whole month since the last post because the reno has been very slow. Unfortunately the person we hired has been at the house off and on, sometimses even a few days a week or less.

The walls are all painted now, the doors are almost all up (only a few left), light fixtures, switches and outlets are all in. Now there is just the flooring, the fireplace tiles and then the bathroom.

Picture #1: the stairway light is finally up…yahoo! Picture #2: the flooring has been purchased. Pictures #3 & 4 everywhere has been vaccumed and cleaned including the storage where our freezer has been placed. Picture #5: bathroom was cleaned and prepped for finishing it. Pictures #6,7,14 & 16: the bedroom is all painted blue and all the fixtures are in including the centre fixture. Very pretty. Pictures #8 to 10: family room is all painted, potlights and light switches in with proper plates. Fireplace is prepped for tiles. Pictures 11 & 13: hallway is clean with doors & frames ready for installation. Picture #12: furnance room is all cleaned. Picture #15: trim is all painted and ready to put up after the flooring is laid.

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