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Reading with Mommy

Even though De-Ann can’t stand that I take so many videos, I love catching our family doing fun and cute things. Check out these two videos of the kids sitting with De-Ann at the kitchen table as they read some magazines.

At first Shawn joins De-Ann at the table as she is looking for recipes in magazines. Then Faith decides she wants to join in on the fun. So the last video is of both kids reading magazines with Mommy.

They both look so grown up as they sit with their chins at the height of the table and leaf through the magazines at the table. I especially love Shawn’s video as he actually looks like he is either bored or done with one magazine and reaches for another. If you watch carefully Shawn thinks he is pushing a button on the back of one of the magazines. I just love my family.

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The sneeze

Check out this cute video of Shawn playing with blocks. Then he sneezes. What he does from there is so cute and shows his intelligence and persistence. It also shows how important it is for him to make things neat and tidy. He always clean-up after himself. He loves to even clean the tray attached to his high chair after he is done eating. My boy is so much like me.

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This is Shawn’s favourite saying at the moment. He says it for “Daddy” for “Mommy” to ask for something like his water bottle or his snack. It is also the word he uses to say “hello” and “good-bye.” However he does say “hi ya” when he opens a door or peeks around from behind his favourite chair. I can’t wait to hear him say words and eventually sentences.

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Once a week Faith, Shawn and De-Ann go to a special indoor play arena where they meet up with Elizabeth and Titus. The go and colour, play with block, paint and just hang out and have fun. Both our kids look forward to going to the playland and get very excited when they are told we are going. But the thing that gets them the most excited is to know they will see their little friend Titus. Below are some pictures of Faith and Shawn exploring their artistic side.

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