Shawn and the naughty chair

August 16, 2011 at 12:38 PM Leave a comment

As you know we have been using a naughty chair to discipline Faith, and now Shawn. So the naughty chair Faith uses has changed from a fluffy chair that is at floor level to one of our kitchen chairs. All our kitchen chairs have felt protectors on the bottom of the legs to protect the hardwood floors (this is important to remember for the rest of the story…haha).

Faith has been on the naughty chair more often than she was when we didn’t have Shawn in our home. Sibling rivarly, you know how it goes.

So Shawn has started to “help” with Faith’s discipline. Everytime Faith is done sitting on the naughty chair Shawn goes over to the chair and glides it across the floor and pushes it under our kitchen table. He’s very concerned about putting things back to where they belong–he’s a bit of a neat freak, like his Daddy. haha.

The other day Faith and Shawn were playing and out of the blue Faith hit Shawn with her snack cup, so we took the cup away from her. As we were talking to Faith, Shawn got up off the floor and proceeded to take the chair out from under the kitchen table and pushed it into the hallway so Faith could sit on it. We had to tell him Faith was not going to sitting on the naughty chair this time. He was so cute, he stood in the hallway with his arms up in the air as if to say “what’s going on?” (Sorry, no pictures, it all happened so fast).

I’m sure I am going to have more naughty chair stories in the future.

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