Canada Day celebration 2011

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Incase you didn’t know we moved into a great neighbourhood (the best) back in February and the people on our court are amazing. I love this community. On top of all that, this weekend was our first overnight visit with Shawn. Take a look at the pictures below starting with Thursday night where we painted a huge flag on the road in the court. It was so cool to see all our neighbours get together and work together. It was fun too!

The rest of the pictures are from Canada Day 2011 when we spent the afternoon playing in the court, having a huge BBQ where most people on the court had their BBQ’s on the ends of their driveways. After supper we had all the kids get together to make a huge banner. Faith got into the fun. She saw one of the older kids painting her hand so she could put a hand print on the banner. So Faith decided to paint both her hands, her arms and her shirt. Unfortunately we think the paint they gave to the kids is not water-based, so Faith has permanent green hands. We got most of the paint off the rest of her but her hands somehow stayed green.

You will see pictures of Faith and Shawn running around together. There are many pictures of Faith riding her new bike and others where Shawn is running behind Faith on someone else’s bike (did I mention everyone in the court shares?) Faith and Shawn fit in so great with the other many kids on our court. We had such a great time with our new neighbours.

At the end of the day we finished with a big fireworks display. I didn’t get any pictures of them but I can tell you Faith enjoyed them very much. At first she was scared but eventually we made it into a big game where we named the colours in the sky. Then Faith would say “pop” everytime the firecrakers went off. “Pop, pop, pop Daddy” and then she said “Daddy can I touch them?” She eventually really enjoyed the fireworks display. She can’t wait until next year to celebrate her birthday in style. Unfortunately Shawn didn’t enjoy them quite as much. He started to cry after the first firecraker went off so De-Ann took him into house and tried to watch from the window. Shawn had other plans, unfortuantely. Next year I will be the one in the house. It’s not fair De-Ann missed such a great show. Oh did I mention Faith turned 3 today?! What a great way to celebrate such a special day.

Faith not only got to have fun with over 60 people in our court, enjoy a yummy BBQ, watch the fireworks (for the first time), but she got to spend the whole day with her little brother Shawn (or as Faith calls him “Baby Shawn”).

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed being there.

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