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The following are some of my favourite sayings my daughter Faith has said in the past and most recently:

Referring to Walmart as “Wal-mitt.”

Getting excited as she sees the McDonald’s “M” and saying “Donalds.” Then she screams “chicken and french fries!” Funny thing is she won’t eat chicken anymore. She now eats her own hamburger.

Took her socks off and said “they need a bath” then later that night I found them in the washing machine.

Everything she sees, she refers to as “my….” like “my truck, my bus, my Mommy, my Daddy, my Peekaboo…”

Speaking about a DVD and she calls it DBD. And of course she says”my DBD, Daddy.”

The newest word in Faith’s vocabulary is “tend.” She has learned to “pretend” about many things including eating everything in sight.

Her favourite treat “chalk-o-lat” referring to chocolate from Easter.

Each morning before we leave Faith yells down to the crew working on our basement “bye bye boys!”

Faith started calling us by the names we call each other. De-Ann would call me “Andrew” so Faith say “Androo.” And then I call De-Ann “Sweetie” so Faith has been calling at the top of the stairs “Sweetie” when trying to get De-Ann’s attention.

Faith loves to sing. She sings ABCD and then mixes it with Twinkle Little Star and then finishes off the medley with Itsy Bitsy Spider!

We were dropping off De-Ann’s Mom to the Island Airport. Faith asked were Mema (De-Ann’s Mom) was going. We told her the airport. Faith said “to the airport to go on the slide?” We said “no baby. Mema is going to the airport to go home.” Faith said “to the airport when the planes go on the slide.” We couldn’t convince her that the airport was not where the slide was.

Referring to the train she says “bye bye choo choo!”

“Brush my teeth Daddy.” She loves to brush her teeth. It is a great way to get her to go to bed.

“Daddy, I have a bellybutton” and then she points to mine and says “Daddy’s bellybutton.”

Saying “bless you, Daddy” after I sneeze or cough.

Whenever I put my head down out of frustration Faith says “Daddy is crying. Daddy are you crying?”

Faith started hiccuping & announced “Daddy, I have burps.” I explained to her they were really hiccups & she laughed after hearing me say it.

She refers to our new house as the “new house” no matter if we have lived there a few weeks to now, 5 months. Even when I say “home” Faith says “no Daddy, the new house.”

Driving Faith to daycare and she says “Mommy going to work, Faith going to Peekaboo and Daddy going to church.” Faith already knows where we all go each day.

Referring to one of her teachers at daycare as “Monic-ca-ca.” Her real name is Monica.

Faith is sitting at the kitchen table eating her snack & all a sudden proclaims “oh goodness.” We both smiled.

This morning was one of those rare moments where De-Ann left before Faith was up. So Faith asked me “where’s Mommy?” I told her, “Mommy was a work.” So Faith proceeded to sing a song: “Mommy’s at work, Mommy’s at work” and on and on and on! She’s so musical!

We pulled into the mall parking lot and Faith screamed ” shopping!!!” De-Ann said ” she’s a girl after my own her.”

Some of my not so-favourite sayings: “NO!” and “I don’t like it!”

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