Day 38-42 of the reno

June 7, 2011 at 2:59 PM Leave a comment

As I write this post the crew are taking a break from our reno because my Mother-in-law is down to visit and we didn’t want her to be disturbed by all the noise and drywall dust that seems to have taken over our house!

So this post is from last week along with pictures that look like the basement is almost done, except for painting, doors and the flooring. But looks are deceiving, there is much to be done. Much more than we every expected. So last week we started week 11. When you look at the days above 42 days doesn’t make 11 weeks, but the crew have been in our home for 11 weeks, that isn’t incluidng weekend, long weekend Monday’s and many Friday’s they missed. But all in all they are working hard to complete our “little” basement project.

See below all the pictures to show all they have completed so far. Take note they are already priming the family room walls. Yeah! Also the crew did a fantastic job of cleaning up all the mess that has accumulated in the basement. So much so that there are 10 bags of garbage outside our house waiting to go to the dump. Still lots of dust to be vaccumed up though. Can’t wait for this to be done. That will be the day! haahaa.

Pictures 1, 5-10: most of the family room it is primed and ready for colour. Pictures 2-4, 12-14: the bathroom is all primed and the shower has all the walls and the “box” (see pics 13-14) for the shampoo installed along with the base for the shower. All ready for the shower tiles for the surround and the base. Picture 11: the hallway is also ready for prime and colour.

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20 years from now… Day 43-47 of the reno

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