Day 34-37 of the reno

June 1, 2011 at 10:52 AM Leave a comment

Another week has gone by and the “boys” have been doing the same thing they did last week. Sanding, sanding and sanding. Did I mention, they have been sanding. haha. Our house continues to be a cloud of dust. Very fine dust from the drywall sanding is every where. I know I sound like a broken record but it is very annoying and I am hoping the sanding will be over soon. De-Ann has been so good to wash the floor every night she comes home so we don’t track anymore dust throughout the rest of the house. Mind you, there is even dust upstairs. Enough of me complaining. haha.

So you will notice from all the pictures and descriptions below that the majority of the basement is ready for priming but before that happens they have to do a huge clean-up. You can’t tell from the pictures but the basement is a mess. Not just dust, but tools, debris and piles and piles of gravel from breaking up the floor.

After speaking to the foreman I found out that the bathroom will be completed next week. And you will notice that the cement board has finally been put up on the fireplace. So we are getting there but not as soon as we all hoped. Remember we were told 4 weeks. We are now on week 10 but in all fairness the “boys” didn’t come to the house every day of those 10 weeks. They averaged 4 days of the week most weeks.

I have attached all the pictures I was able to take because there are now a few lights set-up in most of the basement. The bathroom, storage and bedroom are still without lights, but the family room is very well lit. Check it out.

Picture 1: main storage is done, both outlets are in and the drywall on the bathroom side is up. Pictures 2, 3 & 10 & 17: the hallway is all drywalled and ready for primer. Pictures 4-9: the bedroom is also all drywalled and ready for primer (pic 4 & 5 show the holes where the potlights will go…soon). Pictures 11-16: the family is ready for primer. Take note of the potlights hanging from the ceiling. They are all wired and working. Pictures 18 & 19: shows the holes in the hallway ceiling for the potlights. Pictures 20 & 21: the closet in the bedroom is drywalled and ready for primer but the ugly bathroom pipes stick into the closet. Yuck. Picture 22: the hole in the wall of the bedroom where the window will be going in.

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