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I am not sure if I ever put up a post about our 24/7 prayer initiatitve we did at City Centre back in April, but what came of that amazing experience was our prayer boards.

First, let me back up and tell you a bit about our 24/7 prayer initiative. For a full week our church decided to pray, not just in the regular hours of the day but ALL hours of the day. And everyone that signed up to pray did so for an hour at a time. That’s 168 hours and almost every spot was filled. And those that weren’t filled either some of the staff took the extra spots or congregation members that already signed up, did so for the 2nd or 3rd hour. It was a very encouraging week to see God’s people pray.

On Wednesday of that week we had a “Lift Service.” The idea was to lift up our prayers for our church family, our denom, our city and our country before God. So for an hour we did just that…we prayed non-stop. Our prayers came in all different forms, from praying in small groups, to reading prayers on the screen together, to praying all at the same time (I call this hullabaloo prayer). We even had all the staff split up around the auditorium and had each person go to one of the staff and pray for the city, the government and our neighbours around the church. That was a very powerful hour of prayer. Can’t wait for the next time.

So back to the prayer boards, we decided to put up prayer boards in the auditorium the whole week of prayer so people could post prayer requests and praise items. Then when people came into the church to pray for their hour they had requests and praises to pray through. It was so well rec’d that we decided to make the prayer boards a permanent thing. So now if you walk down our hallway behind the auditorium you will see two very large bulletin boards that above them say “leave a request” “pray a prayer” & “post a praise.” These are the very simple instruction we give to those who want to use our prayer boards. And we have heard nothing but encouraging comments from those in our congregation about how much the prayer boards are so important to the life of our church. Also you can from the picture above the prayer boards are being used regularly. So much so, I am regularly going over the prayer requests and taking down “old” ones so new ones can be added.

So thankful to be apart of a church and staff that values prayer. Not just the prayer boards but every Wednesday at 1:30pm our staff stops their regular work to pray — for the congregations requests, to pray for each other and to pray for our church’s future. Prayer is the backbone of our church at City Centre…I hope it is the backbone of yours.

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