Faith: “my…”

May 24, 2011 at 9:34 AM Leave a comment

Faith’s new favourite word is “my.” She put my on the front of every sentence. We were getting ready to leave this morning for daycare and she likes to say good-bye to the workers who are doing our basement renovation. So after saying “good-bye boys” she looks at me and says “my boys, Daddy.”

Today after supper we went to the park to swing on the swings, slide on the slide and watch planes go by overhead. As we were sitting on the bench watching the planes go by Faith says “my planes, Daddy. Those are my planes.” She also said “bye planes, bye” as they flew away. It was a lot of fun just sitting there on the bench relaxing as the planes flew by one by one. It’s cool you can almost time the distance between them.

Then we went to the mall to meet De-Ann (Mommy). On the way there Faith pointed and said as we pulled up to a strip-mall “is that my mall Daddy?” I told her it wasn’t because we hadn’t gotten to the mall we were going to. Then we were on the road the mall was on and Faith pointed again and said “is that my mall Daddy?” I told her it was and we were going to go see Mommy. She cheered. haha.

On our way home Faith said “Daddy are we going to the new house to see my Mommy?” I said “yes.” Then she started singing “My Mommy, my Mommy, my Mommy!”

There are many other occasions when Faith used the word “my” … referring to the car I drive, she says “that’s my car Daddy.” She also says, “my Sherwin” (one of our cats), “my … pillow … TV … putter (referring to my laptop) … glasses … ponytail … Peekaboo … Busha & Monic-ca-ca (her daycare workers) …” And on and on and on.

I think “my” is Faith’s favourite word for the time being. Mind you she uses the phrase “I don’t want to” quite a bit lately. It’s almost as bad as “NO.” haha.

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