A great long weekend

May 24, 2011 at 10:10 AM Leave a comment

This past weekend was amazing. Let me start from the beginning…

Saturday morning we had a fantastic visit with Shawn. We took him to a nearby park in his hometown and played on the swings, went for a long walk and watched Faith go down the slide a million times (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration … it was more like a million and one…haha). Nonetheless we had a ton of fun. And best of all we got to see Shawn smile and laugh for the first time. He is a very stowic little boy, happy but quite serious. I put him in a swing and lightly pushed him, then he started to smile, then I pushed him a bit harder and he started to laugh. Who knew, he actually enjoys the swings as much as his sister. Cool.

After our visit with Shawn we headed home for lunch and then Faith went down for a nap while Daddy and Mommy did work around the house. De-Ann worked in the garden and dug up the dandelions on the lawn. While I cleaned out the garage which hasn’t been cleaned or organized since the move in February. It looked like we were having a garage sale. But it looks great now.

While cleaning the garage one of our neighbours came over to invite us over for a BBQ. After we were done all our work and Faith got up from her nap we headed over to the neighbours. To our suprise there were 6 or 7 other families there from our court. It was our own little community. We had so much fun eating, drinking and getting to know our neighbours. Faith had a blast too because there were 10 or so other kids there that made Faith feel right at home. The best part, not the food–which was tasty, was feeling accepted into this little community, our court–the best court in Ontario!

Since the BBQ the people in the court now know us and we have had many chats and conversations since then. Faith has been in the court many times on the weekend playing with the other kids and everyone shares their toys, big wheels, bikes, scooters, and even their road chalk. What a great group of people. And best of all we know that the people on this court are safe people and are always looking out for our daughter and eventually our son!

The rest of the weekend was much of the same, playing, cleaning, working and having fun with our neighbours. So glad God brought us to this neighbourhood.

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