City Centre Church in the heart of Mississauga!

April 24, 2011 at 7:18 AM Leave a comment

A quick post this morning to share with you a very exciting event our church is hosting this morning. We are holding our Easter church service in the heart of Mississauga or better known as the

LIVING ARTS CENTRE! (4141 Living Arts Drive, Miss)

Last year we did an experiment and held our Easter service at the Living Art Centre and we nearly filled the place. The seating capacity is 1350 and we were short just over a hundred people. This year we are hoping to hit that mark or maybe even go over…just a bit.

As a church we have been praying the past 6 months for this amazing church service that we simply call “Celebrate Easter.” We even took a whole week to pray 24/7 for this event. But we want it to be more than just an event, we want it to be the turning point for our church, their friends, their neighbours and anyone else they invite out. The turning point is new decisions for Christ — first time decisions, or coming back to him, or making recommitments. We also want the turning point to be in our own church family, to see them want to serve more in all areas, to get more involved, get baptized, and come to full commitment by becoming members. These are my prayers for our church family and their friends this Easter Sunday.

Let’s not forget why we are celebrating this special Sunday in the first place — today is the reminder of what Jesus did for us, today is the day he ROSE from the GRAVE victorious over sin and death! Because of his resurrection I know I am saved and forgiven. Thank you Jesus!!!

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