Day 55…1 Corinthians 4:6-7:

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I Corinthians 4:6-7: All gifts are from God

These 2 simple verses really go hand in hand with the beginning of chapter 4, talking about having pride in one preacher at the expense of another preacher. Paul takes just a few sentences to teach us to not let our loyalties to one preacher tear the church apart. Sound familiar?

v.6, Paul says he “used Apollos and myself [Paul] to illustrate what I’ve been saying.” He didn’t want any of the believers to boast about being loyal to any preacher (even Paul) because each preacher was simply a servant of God who had the same job as every other preacher–preach the Good New of salvation through Jesus Christ. No preacher has more status than another. Then he goes on to say “if you pay attention to…the Scriptures, you won’t be proud of one of your leaders at the expense of another.” If the believers read and understood the Scriptures–what it says about the role of human spiritual leaders, God’s giving of gifts–their loyalties or cliques would dissolve. They would understand that no preacher is better than another no matter how good an orator they are. No matter how entertaining or boring they are, they are all servants of God…nothing more, nothing less.

v.7, Paul then gets into the heart of the matter, that no matter how much they boast in their preacher’s gifts, they need to understand everything he has is from God and they shouldn’t boast as though they have accomplished something on their own. Each clique that followed a different preacher placed themselves over the other. They thought they were better than another clique or loyalty group because of the preacher they were following. Paul uses verse 7 a set of pin-pointed rhetorical questions to help the believers at Corinth see how silly their prideful position was against one another: “For what gives you the right to make such a judgment? What do you have that God hasn’t given you? And if everything you have is from God, why boast as though it were not a gift?” The obvious answer is no one has the right to boast about anything because everything they have and their preacher has is from God. If anything they should boast in God!


WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? I think Paul is teaching me and modern day believers that we shouldn’t let our loyalties to our preacher (or preaching style) to cause divisions, cliques, broken relationships in the Church (body of believers). And more importantly that are loyalties are to Jesus, not man, no matter how good a preacher he is.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? To focus less on the preacher and style I prefer and more on the message God has laid on that person’s heart. And to remember no matter what a preacher has accomplished–brought many sinners to Christ, grown a church from 0 to thousands, etc–they are just a instrument used of God and their gifts and abilities are from God. At the same time, me as a preacher shouldn’t boast in my gifts because they too are from God.


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