Day 5 of the reno

April 2, 2011 at 9:50 PM Leave a comment

Another late entry. Life’s been busy with visitng Shawn, re-shingling my Dad’s roof, and just minsitry stuff. So here is the next post about our renovation.

After what seemed like nothing had been accomplished last post, the crew went above and beyond and almost finished all the framing. But to De-Ann’s disappointment (probably many more to come unfortuantely…nothing in renovations go as planned) they had to move the wall for the bathroom almost a foot into the storage. The reason had something to do with the support post being too close to the wall that we planned for. So our already small storage is even smaller. But on a side note that means all the boxes of stuff in the dining room and garages have to be big-time purged, which makes me very very very happy. If I had it my way I would throw it all away. haha.

I was told by our contractor that next week is wiring and duct work. Two very big jobs and I hope they will be able to finish it all by the end of next week.

Check out all the pictures below with descriptions as always. Pictures 1-2: the walls are all framed in around the bathroom & the holes where the drain, toilet and shower are filled in with gravel. Picture 3: shows the wall where the door will be (notice the number of 2×4’s by the support post). Pictures 4-5: the wall between the bathroom and storage is almost complete. Picture 6: the wall where the door for the storage is also complete. Pictures 7-9: the outside walls for the bedroom, bathroom & storage are complete. Pictures 10-12: the walls are all framed in for the bedroom (picture 11 is the hole where the closet will be). Picture 13: shows the wall framing going from the bedroom to the back of the house where the family room will be. Pictures 14-15: show the completed framing for the family room right to the storage. You can also see the duct work that needs to be moved (that’s the big job that they are going to tackle next week). Pictures 16-17: show the unfortumate change the contractors made where they took almost a foot from the storage and gave it to the bathroom. You can see De-Ann’s painters tape line where the wall should be and the 2×4 where the wall actually is.

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