Pizza with the Pastors!

March 1, 2011 at 8:58 AM Leave a comment

As many of you know I am a pastor at a church in Mississauga, and loving it…by the way! Anyway, I am the overseer of all adult ministries and one of the things I believe we needed to do was to bring newcomers into the life of our church. The way I did this was with a pizza luncheon after our 2nd service.

I affectionately call it “Pizza with the Pastors.” It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?! haha. The idea is simple, invite all the newcomers that have been attending our church for the past 3 months to a year to a pizza lunch. While at the lunch they get to know all our ministry leaders, including both pastors and lay leaders. Each leader shares a very short presentation (2 minutes tops) on their area of ministry, and our Sr Pastor shares the vision, mission and plan of the church. At the end of their time with us they get a good glimpse into what the church does and why it does what it does.

Our first one was this past Sunday, February 27. For our first one the response was amazing. And it was so great getting to meet newcomers up close and personal. Sitting down with them and chatting about their families, life and ministry. Finding out where they are from originally (over half are from other countries–such a great representation of the way the church should be). Also discovering what their needs are and maybe how we can meet them. My favourite question is “what brought you to City Centre?” The answers are amazing and tells me a lot about the individuals sharing.

The way I measure if this event was a success was not so much from the numbers, or how many people we got to meet but the response afterwards. We had almost everyone fill out comment cards that I got a chance to read and share with the rest of the staff. The response was overwhelming! We had over 10 people want to know more about our Newcomers Class which leads to baptism and membership. We had a handful want to know about our Youth and Children’s ministry, we even had one family want to know about our worship ministry and how they can get involved. The greatest response was for our adult ministries–small group, adult learning institute and baptism and membership. So excited about all the interest in our ministries at the church.

Now the fun part…following up! For the next few days, the rest of the team and I will be making calls and emails to those who gave us comment cards with request to know more. I look forward to getting to know each person in from our first Pizza with the Pastors.

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