Day 3 @ the “new” house

February 15, 2011 at 11:37 PM Leave a comment

We have now lived in our “new” house for just 3 short days, and you can see from the picture gallery below we have accomplished quite a bit. But on the other hand we have a lot still to do.

Since our basement isn’t finished yet, we have been storing all “stuff” in what should be the dinning room and our garage. So we are hoping to get the basement finished so we can finally get started on living in this new house. Having a separate room for De-Ann’s office stuff and a media centre plus two storage areas — all in the basement. De-Ann creatively came up with the plan of how the basement will look.

Today I had the contractor over to explain to him the plan and ideas of what we want the basement to look like. According to him it is going to be a straightforward job and as soon as we get the quote they can and will start immediately. That’s good news. Now we have to see if the money from the sale of the Whitby house is going to cover it. Yikes! Here’s hoping!

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