2 days to THE big move

February 10, 2011 at 1:22 PM Leave a comment

I am taking a quick break from packing and thought I would use it productively. So I wanted to remind you, that we are moving on Saturday. After commuting for over 4 months to my new job in a totally new city, we sold our house and purchased a “new” one. After all the commuting it will be nice to live and work in the same city again. Unfortunately De-Ann will have to continue to commute to North York to her job.

This is also a new chapter for Faith as well. She has only lived in our current house with us. Of course she lived with her foster parents but that was over a year ago. But now that we are moving out of this house, Faith is going to be experiencing new things. For example, in her new bedroom she is going to be sleeping in a bed now, no more crib, that’s for Baby Shawn (as Faith calls him)–that’s another story or post in the future, hopefully the near future. The other new thing is Faith will be attending a new daycare! No more “Debbie Jeannie” daycare. Debbie is the owner/operator and Jeannie is her daughter–that’s what Faith says when we pull into their driveway. So lots of new experiences for all of us.

Last thing before I get back to packing, we are not sure if Faith realizes we are moving but she definitely knows there is something different going on. The house is full of boxes and most of the furniture has been taken apart. Whenever we pull out of the driveway she says “bye bye home!” And then when we are driving she says “new house Daddy?” So I think she has an idea we are going to eventually end up in the new house. Smart little girl.

More posts in the near future, so please keep checking in.

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