Ever had one of those days?

February 7, 2011 at 11:59 AM Leave a comment

Well we just did, but ours was a night. Let me explain…

It all started with De-Ann calling me and telling me she had a flat. So after coming up with a solution I headed back her way to help her change the flat and then decide whether we should swap cars or not. Now you would think that was enough for one night, right?! I would tend to agree with you, but no, after swapping cars we decided to drive back home to Whitby and not go to the new house as was first planned. So I left the parking lot with the wounded Neon (with the donut on one wheel) and De-Ann followed behind in my car.

We didn’t get very far when it sounded like the donut had a flat. We pulled off to the side of the road to check to see if the donut did indeed have a flat. It didn’t so I proceeded to get back into the car (remember De-Ann is behind me in my car and already frustrated with how off the mark this night had gone and how screwed up her plans were). Guess what…I couldn’t get into the car. Somehow when I got out of the car to check the donut I locked all the doors?! I stood there helpless trying to figure out what just happened. I could swear I didn’t lock the door behind me and I don’t remember hitting the keyphob. How did this happen? The worse part was the car was running, lights on, my cell phone was visible for all to see and I left my wallet in the car. To make matters worse we had no other alternative but to drive another hour East to Whitby to pick-up the spare key.

So after I composed myself I humbly got into the passengers seat of my car and De-Ann drove us back home to Whitby. BTW it is now 9:30pm. This all started at 7pm when De-Ann called me about the flat.

After picking up the keys in Whitby we drove back to where the Neon was and thankfully the keyphob worked. More importantly the car was still there and my wallet and cell phone weren’t stolen. [thank you God!] Needless to say we decided to have spare keys for both cars in the other car. Live and learn, I guess. haha.

By the time we got home it was…well now. Almost midnight. Oh and I forgot to say Faith was with us the whole time. And I have to say she was such a good girl, never complaining that she had been sitting in my car the whole time…while I changed the flat, driving with Mommy until I locked the keys, then driving with both of us to Whitby, then back to the Neon and then finally home where she crashed, like I will in just a few minutes.

So tell me, ever had one of those days? Tell me about it. Leave me a comment. Don’t you know, misery loves company. At least that’s what I am told.

The rest of the story…tomorrow morning early I am taking De-Ann’s car (Neon) into the tire store to get the tire fixed and change out the front tires for new all-seasonals. She needs them.

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