What storm?

February 2, 2011 at 11:50 PM Leave a comment

Yesterday, Feb 1, I was told by many people the storm that was coming our way was going to be huge. I red on many people’s Facebook pages they were looking forward to a snow day and even where I work they had already declared the day a snow day. But when I woke up this morning it didn’t seem like it even snowed. I went downstairs to check the weather channel and CP24 and it seemed like nothing really happened last night. But the funny thing was that many of the schools were already closed and buses were cancelled. It was like everyone had decided storm or not we were going to have a storm day!

Needless to say it was nice snuggling in for the day with my family. De-Ann stayed home and Faith didn’t go to daycare. So we stayed in for the day, just enjoying each others company. While Faith napped De-Ann and I fervently worked on our computers to get as much work done as possible before she woke up.

After Faith woke up we spent the next few hours playing, watching TV and just chatting as a family. After supper Faith and Mommy went to play in the playroom while I continued to work on my laptop or as Faith calls it my “office.”

So I write this to tell you that there really was no storm but we all anticipated it so much that it didn’t matter if it came or not. We were determined to stay in for the day. Now the fun part, after it did finally snow, I have to go outside tomorrow morning and shovel out the driveway and walkway. Yeah!

So, again I say “what storm?” I guess it was all in our heads…oh and on the TV and radio and in the minds of the weather men and women. I am just glad we didn’t call in the army this time. Now that was embarrassing! haha.

I hope everyone that stayed in today enjoyed hanging with their families and got lots of rest or lots of work done. Back to work tomorrow, or in my case to the library to work.

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