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It seems like it was only yesterday I was celebrating 1000 visits to my blog. And I was so thankful for everyone’s efforts to help me meet that milestone.

Well, here we are close to 3000!

So I ask each of you, my faithful readers, to visit as much as possible and tell all your friends…let’s see if we can reach this next milestone together.

One last note, I have been studying 1 Corinthians in my own personal study but just haven’t had time to post my journey through this amazing and applicable book online. Please be patient with me as I get back to posting my “Journey Thru the Bible” regularly.

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Whitby house closed

Yesterday was literally the end of a chapter in our life. We picked up the cheque at the lawyers for the close of our old house around 4pm and said good-bye to Whitby, Durham and good and bad memories. Now we can start to figure out how we can wisely use this money to update our new house.

There isn’t enough to renovate the basement, as we had hoped, so we might have to go else where for money to do that. But we do need new appliances in the kitchen. I guess we’ll see what is most urgent.

So today, Feb 26, we start a whole new chapter in our life in a new city, new street, new house soon to be home. Hopefully Faith will start to refer to it as “home” and not “new house.”

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our transition and for all the well wishes. You have all been a great blessing to our little family.

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“Bye bye Home”

Sad to say but we said “good-bye” to our house in Whitby on Monday. De-Ann and I went there on Monday to clean, pack-up loose items, take down curtain rods, etc. But we didn’t know what was really instore for us, because we were there for almost 7 hours. Now mind you De-Ann cleans thoroughly and we didn’t have our vaccum cleaner so that made the job a lot harder. But you will see from the pics below the house is spotless.

It was weird as we drove out of the driveway for the last time. And mixed emotions came over us, excited about the new adventures to come but sad to say good-bye to not only our house but our great neighbours.To quote my daughter we said “bye bye home!”

Now we start our new life in a new city and a new house, soon to be called home! It’s getting there.

I am so thankful for the use of my Father-in-law’s truck (see pic below). He so graciously lent it to us no questions asked and we had it a long time. Truth be told it is actually my dream truck–don’t tell him! haha.

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Day 5 @ the “new” house

Now that I am getting better I was able to finally start working on unpacking and getting the house set-up to live in. Well at least temporary until the basement is finished. Sorry, you will be hearing a lot about the basement, at least until it is finally completed.

I cleaned up our master bedroom, the bathroom and got rid of all the boxes. It actually looks like a regular bedroom. Yeah! Now we have to figure out where to put all the extra clothes that was in our walk-in at the house in Whitby. It’s a good thing I am not using all of my closest. At this house De-Ann and I have separate closests, but combined they aren’t as big as the walk-in at the old house.

I also cleaned up Faith’s room which looks great except that we still have to purchase some kind of railings to put on the bed so Faith can sleep on it without falling out. In the meantime she is sleeping in her play pen with all her stuffed fuzzy friends. Now I just need to put up some of Faith’s pictures on her walls.

Shawn’s room is empty except for a crib and a book shelf, but when he comes to our home permanently we will start to put things that will make his room his own. Oh ya, I need to get a closet organizer for his room because the former owners took the one that was in his closest with them…ya I thought it was weird too…but they did.

The kitchen is now functioal and De-Ann has done a fantastic job of purging all the things we don’t need or haven’t used in the last 4 years we were in Whtiby. Yeah De-Ann!

The dinning room is still a storage area, but today I took most of the day taking all the items out and organzizing them into corners of the room (De-Ann’s office & storage) by where they WILL go once [say it with me] “the basement is finished!” Oh ya, I also washed the floor in the dinning room.

The only room I wasn’t able to clean-up today was the garage, but I do know how I want to organize it. Probably will get to it next week slowly a little bit at a time. I really want to set-up my work bench and put my power tools in place. Can’t wait.

Well, that is day 5, can’t wait to update you on day 100, which I am hoping will be the description of our new finished basement.

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Day 3 @ the “new” house

We have now lived in our “new” house for just 3 short days, and you can see from the picture gallery below we have accomplished quite a bit. But on the other hand we have a lot still to do.

Since our basement isn’t finished yet, we have been storing all “stuff” in what should be the dinning room and our garage. So we are hoping to get the basement finished so we can finally get started on living in this new house. Having a separate room for De-Ann’s office stuff and a media centre plus two storage areas — all in the basement. De-Ann creatively came up with the plan of how the basement will look.

Today I had the contractor over to explain to him the plan and ideas of what we want the basement to look like. According to him it is going to be a straightforward job and as soon as we get the quote they can and will start immediately. That’s good news. Now we have to see if the money from the sale of the Whitby house is going to cover it. Yikes! Here’s hoping!

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Special THANK YOU!

I wanted to send a special thank you to 3 amazing people that took time out of their busy day to take care of our precious daughter, Faith! I so appreciate you first offering to take care of Faith while we moved and second for giving her a place to have fun and enjoy people. You are very special people in my books.

A very special thank you from our family to you … Robin in Durham and Paul & Lani in Mississauga!!!

We are blessed, actually Faith is blessed, to have such fantastic people that would give up their own time to spend it with her. I know she had so much fun with ALL of you!

Thank you again!!!

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Moving Day!

So moving day has finally come and went, and I sit here in our new living room putting a few of the pics I took online. We had a fantastic moving team, first the guys from AMJ (Jim, Justin and Jordan), they were work horses and didn’t stop except for a few smoke breaks. They were fantastic and they did most of the work. Unfortunately no one was allowed on the truck so all we could do was moving items closer to the front door are in the garage. In Whitby we had three very helpful people show up to help dismantle things, pack boxes, and move items in the garage. Thank you for all your help Cory, Steve and Daniel.

Then in Mississauga, we had a huge gang of people from City Centre–can I say “I love my team!” and “I love my church!”–and more wanted to help but we had to turn people away. There is something about having people all around you that makes your heart feel good. Anyway, when we finally arrived in Mississauga there were like 11 people from City Centre running around the house, emptying boxes, putting furniture together, even one lady was perparing food for us to have after the move was over. Some of the ladies even found our sheets and made our beds. Wonderful people. So thankful for all of you…Deric, April, Caleb, Erica, Kristen, Patti, Karen, Diane, Drew, Aaron and Max. You guys are the best!

So I thought I would include a few pics from our move. I hope you enjoy them and you will see from the last few pics WE have a lot of work to do. And it is going to take a long time because we are waiting to get the basement finished before we organize our “stuff.” Uggh. Take note of the cool runners (in red & blue) the movers used so that they wouldn’t get snow and salt on our floor. Nice touch.

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