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January 28, 2011 at 10:19 PM Leave a comment

This is going to be short….

I wanted to update you quickly on our “new” house…soon to be our HOME!

On January 21 at about 3:30pm I picked up our keys to our new house. That night I went to the house and checked to see if everything was as we had agreed. Only a few things had to be settled with the real estate agent which she was amazing. She not only met me at the house to look it over but she also had her husband help me with some things that were left behind.

Since the possession of the keys we have visited the house a few times. Once so De-Ann can finally see the basement empty and map out how she wants it look like finished. Side note: I finally get a real media room. Yeah! A few other times to drop off items that we would prefer not be moved with movers–like framed pictures and other items that can easily be broken. The last trip was today, I met a HVAC guy to take a look at the furnance and give me a quote for gas lines. He also helped me move some items that were left behind by the former owners. Did I mention, this is the husband of our real estate agent. Great guy! After he left I stayed to spend many hours prepping the bedrooms for a big painting job tomorrow (De-Ann’s department). Filling holes, sanding, and filling holes, sanding, and…did I mention filling holes and sanding??!

I just got home a few minutes ago and I am exhausted. Tomorrow it is De-Ann’s turn but luckily she has some helpers, some ladies from the church–our new church! I love our church!!!

If this is the first time you have heard about our move and new home check out one of my earlier posts. Here is a link:

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