Good-bye Felix

January 13, 2011 at 11:07 AM Leave a comment

A number of months ago I shared with you about my cats: Felix, Oscar & Sherwin. I also shared that Felix was not doing well–cancer in his spine or a pinched nerve, check out the link: Unfortunately he has gotten much worse. He now can no longer walk with his hind legs. He drags himself along with his front legs. He has been doing this now for a few months and is getting worse by the day. The fur on his hind quarters is almost gone and he is having problems with normal functions of being a cat. For this reason along with his quality of life is not quality anymore, we have decided it is time to say good-bye to Felix. It was a difficult decision but the best one for him. Thankfully he is not in any pain (that we know of–he is a quiet cat).

So today we say good-bye to a special member of our family. He will always be remembered for his love and affection, his “hugs” and his all around good nature. I know his brothers willl miss him and we will dearly miss him. It will especially be difficult for De-Ann as Felix is a Momma’s boy.

Please enjoy the pictures we took of him over the last few months. He is a cutie!

“Good-bye dear friend.”

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