Day 46…Genesis 50:

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Genesis 50: Jacob’s funeral & Joseph’s death

This being the LAST chapter in Genesis, it is fitting to have Jacob & Joseph (who represent the oath God made to Abraham) die and pass on God’s oath to the generations after them.

Just a reminder at the end of chapter 49 Jacob has taken his final breath and dies. But before he died he made his son Joseph swear to bury his body with his family in Canaan NOT Egypt.

v.1-9, just after Jacob died Joseph hugged and kissed his dead Dad, then he had him embalmed (40 days) and prepared for the funeral and burial. The Egyptians mourned for 70 days. When the mourning was over Joseph asked permission of Pharaoh (through his advisors) if he could take his Dad’s body to be buried in Canaan as he swore an oath to his Dad to do so. Joseph promised to not delay but be back to “work” as soon as his Dad was buried. Pharaoh agreed to Joseph’s request and Joseph left with all his brothers and their families (but left the kids and flocks behind). They were also accompanied by all of Pharaoh’s officials, senior members and officers of Egypt. There was a huge funeral procession.

v.10-13, when they arrived at Atad Thressing Floor (across from the Jordan River) they stopped to mourn, this time for 7 days. The Canaanites saw the mourning and the name of that place was changed Abel-mizraim (Egyptian mourning). Then Joseph and his brothers followed Jacob’s instructions and buried him with his family in the cave in the field of Machpelah, near Mamre.

v.14-21, after Jacob was buried Joseph’s brothers started to get concerned again. They were scared Joseph would carry out his grudge on them now that their Dad was gone. So they sent him a message saying…

“Before your father died, he commanded us, ‘This is what you should say to Joseph, “I’m begging you to forgive the crime and the sin your brothers committed against you. What they did to you was very evil.” ’ So now, please forgive our crime, because we are servants of your father’s God.” – GWT

Joseph cried when he rec’d this message. Then the brothers came in person and dropped to the ground in front of Joseph and told him they were now his slaves! Joseph told them to not be afraid. Then he told them “I am not God” and even though they meant what they did to him for evil God used it for good. God brought Joseph to Egypt to save everyone from the great famine! In his kindness Joseph reassured his brothers he would take care of them and their children.

v.22-26, Joseph and his brothers and their families continued to live in Egypt. Joseph lived to be 110 years old. He got to see 3 generations of Ephraim’s sons and to see the birth of the children of Manasseh’s son Makir (who Joseph called his own as well). Just before Joseph died he had his brother solemnly swear to take his bones with them to Canaan when God calls them back there–the place where God made an oath to Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Joseph died at age 110 and was put in a coffin in Egpyt.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? The thing that keeps coming up is how forgiving Joseph is to his brothers. Not just forgiving, but even allowing them to be “off the hook” for what they did. He says that even though they meant what they did for evil God used it for good. He teaches me to look at every circumstance like God is trying to teach me something.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I can honestly say many of the circumstances I have been in I have NOT looked at them as learning experiences but felt sorry for myself and got angry with those who caused them. From Joseph’s example I need to show mercy, forgiveness and remember God is continuing to teach me lesson after lesson. This is going to be something I will never completely understand until I am in his presence.

God, help me to remember I am in your hands and no matter what happens to me (and my family) you know what you are doing. Again thank you that you are God and I am not!

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