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So I am going to start to add video blogs (aka…vblogs) to my blog in the next few weeks, I thought I would show you a few vblogs I did at my former church. A few of them I wasn’t even in them, I was behind the “camera” and I also did the updates on the final cut. Check out some of the examples below…

Note: I did this vblog with one of the students in grade 11 and we only did 3 takes and got it right. It was fun preparing for the “taping” beforehand.

Note: I did this vblog from my truck as I was driving. My laptop was on my armrest. Lots of fun multitasking. haha.

Note: for this vblog all I did was set up the laptop and let the students do their “thing.” I think they did a fantastic job.

Note: this last vblog was me doing a tutorial on the website I designed many years ago (almost 4 years now), again when I was at my former church. BTW this clip starts with a great little dance number from my daughter in De-Ann’s arms. She is very musical and has great rhythm, unlike her Daddy. And finishes with Faith saying good-bye. She’s such a cutie!!!

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Day 43…Genesis 47: Day 44…Genesis 48:

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