Day 43…Genesis 47:

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Genesis 47: Joseph & the famine

v.1-4, Joseph along with 5 of his brothers go to Pharaoh and tell him his family has arrived in Goshen. That they have come with all their possession, specifically their flocks and herds. Pharaoh asked them what their occupation was. Unfortunately the 5 brothers told Pharaoh they were shepherds and ignored Joseph’s advice in chapter 46 to down play that they were sheepherders and focus on the cattle part of their job [stubborn to the end]. They also requested permission to stay in the land in the form of a plea…”no pasture in Canaan…the famine is severe there.”

v.5-6, it’s almost as if Pharaoh ignored their plea and went on to talk to Joseph about his family and told him they can choose any where they want in the land…best of the land of Egypt. And if any of his family/bros have special skills, they can be in charge of HIS livestock–managers!

v.7-12, then Joseph brought his Dad to see Pharaoh. Jacob blessed him, not once but twice. They had a chat about his life, age (130) and travels. Then Joseph gave the best of the land of Egypt (region of Rameses) to his Dad and family as commanded by Pharaoh. Joseph provided food for all his family, right down to the youngest baby.

MEANWHILE…the famine gets worse

v.13-22, the food was all used up in Egypt and people were starving. By selling food (grain) to all the people in Egypt during the famine Joseph had collected ALL the MONEY in the land (both Egypt & Canaan). Now the money had run out they came to Joseph hungry and wanting food. They told him they needed food but had no money to pay for it. So Joseph told them to bring their livestock to trade for the food–that only lasted another year..then the were back. They told Joseph now they have nothing to barter with…money’s gone, foods gone! They only had their bodies and their land. So they bartered their land and their bodies as slaves to Pharaoh so they could have grain to live on. So Joseph took all the people and all the land and EVERYTHING belonged to Pharaoh except the land of the Priests and the Priests themselves. The Priests rec’d food and a salary from Pharaoh so they didn’t need to sell their land.

v.23-26, Joseph told the people that since he owned them and all their land [Actually Pharaoh did]. He will provide them with seed to grow crops and in exchange they have to give Pharaoh 1/5 of their crops to Pharaoh and they can live on the rest (4/5). They were so thankful and were pleased to be Pharaoh’s servants because Joseph had saved their lives! So Joseph issued a law in Egypt (still in effect today) that for now on Pharaoh should receive 1/5 of all crops grown in Egypt, except for the Priests land.


v.27-31, Jacob and his family (children of Israel) settled in Goshen and they acquired lots of property and their population grew rapidly. Jacob lived for 17 years after his arrival in Egypt. As he was ready to “go” he sent for Joseph and told him to promise to bury him in Canaan with the rest of his family. “Don’t bury me in Egypt. When I die, please take my body out of Egypt and bury me with my ancestors.” – NLT.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Even though Joseph had every right to treat the people of Egypt as dirt or low life he continued to provide for them. Even after they had no money, livestock and land he continued to provide for them so that they could survive. I think he treated them with dignity and showed them respect most overlords wouldn’t show to their subjects. Even when they were Pharaoh’s slaves he gave them a reasonable way of paying Pharaoh so that they could live off the land. It’s kind of like the tithe we give God.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I am continually happily surprised at Joseph’s treatment of those who doesn’t deserve it. He is a true man of grace. I want to be that man. No matter what people truly deserve I want to extend grace every time.

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