Day 41…Genesis 45:

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Genesis 45: Joseph finally reveals himself

v.1-8, Joseph couldn’t hold himself back from telling his brothers the truth about his identity, so after having everyone leave him except his brothers, he FINALLY told his brothers who he really was…

“I am Joseph…I am Joseph, the brother you sold into slavery in Egypt! Now, don’t be sad or angry with yourselves that you sold me. God sent me ahead of you to save lives…it wasn’t you who sent me here, but God…” – GWT

v.9-11, Joseph told his brother to hurry up and get their Father [his Dad] and tell him that Joseph is not only alive but he is the ruler over Egypt. And he wants all of them to come and live in the land of Goshen (near him) and bring the whole family (children, grandchildren, flocks, everything). He will provide everything from Egypt’s bounty. There is going to be a famine for another 5 years.

v.12-15, Joseph had to continue to convince his brothers that he was indeed Joseph! They were shocked and couldn’t believe their eyes. He told them again to go and get his Dad and tell him Joseph is in high position in Egypt. Then he gave Benjamin a huge hug and cried on his shoulder. He also cried on his other brothers as well. And kissed them and then they were able to talk freely with him [maybe they finally believed it was really him].

v.16-20, when Pharaoh and his household heard the good news, they were all pleased that Joseph’s brothers were with him. Pharaoh told Joseph to go back to Canaan and bring back their families and their Dad–”I will give you the best land in Egypt. Then you can enjoy the best food in the land.” – GWT. He told Joseph to order them to take wagons with them from Egypt to pick-up their families and don’t worry about the things they leave behind because they will have the best of everything in Egypt!

v.21-24, Joseph’s brothers did as they were told and took wagons and supplies for their trip. He gave them all a change of clothes and gave Benjamin 300 pieces of sliver and 5 suits! Joseph sent his Dad 10 male donkeys carrying Egypt’s best “stuff” and 10 female donkeys carrying food for the trip. As the brothers were leaving Joseph told them to get along or don’t quarrel on their way home.

v.25-28, the brothers left Egypt and came to their Dad Jacob and told him Joseph was still alive and he was the ruler of Egypt! Jacob couldn’t believe his ears. When they told Jacob everything Joseph had said and saw the wagons, his spirit was lifted and he finally believed them. He said…

“I’ve heard enough–my son Joseph is still alive. I’ve got to go and see him before I die.” – MSG

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? I am blown away by how Joseph was so forgiving. Sure he tricked them and had them on a wild goose chase–so to speak, but he truly forgave them. And he couldn’t wait to finally tell them who he really was after all the charades. That shows his true forgiveness and mercy to his brothers. They certainly didn’t deserve it and they definitely didn’t deserve him blessing them with the bounty of Egypt. But Joseph chose the high road.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I need to not only say I am going to forgive but my actions and even my conversation should show my true forgiveness. Sometimes when I say “I forgive you” the way I treat that person in the future doesn’t show the true essence of forgiveness. So I need to do just that. No more forgiveness with my fingers crossed–so to speak. But I need to show true forgiveness no matter how badly I was hurt. And even to go as far to ask for a blessing upon that person or person who have hurt me.

God, help me to show the forgiveness that Joseph did for his brothers. So much so that he ended up blessing them and NOT cursing them.

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      I am glad you enjoyed my post on Gen 45. Please check back again for more posts.


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