Day 40…Genesis 44:

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Genesis 44: Joseph’s silver cup

v.1-2, after Joseph’s brothers were done their feast, they were ready to leave. Joseph [without his brothers knowing] told his palace manager to fill each sack with as much grain as they can carry and again put each bros money back into their sacks. Then put his personal silver cup  at the top of Benjamin’s sack (along with his money). He did as Joseph asked. 

v.3-6, his bros were up at dawn and took off with their loaded donkeys. But when they were only a short distance away Joseph had his palace manager chase after them and stop them and ask them why they have stolen Joseph’s sliver cup which he uses to predict the future. “Why had you repaid my kindness with such evil?” – NLT. The palace manager did as Joseph instructed.

v.7-9, the bros had no idea what the palace manager was talking about and told him they would never do such a thing and reminded him how they returned the money found in their sacks. And then told the palace manager that if they find the cup that person will die and the rest of us will be your slaves.

v.10-13, the palace manager said it thought that was a fair deal except that he didn’t want anyone as a slave except the person who stole the cup. The rest can go free. They all opened up their sack and they were all searched (oldest to youngest) and [of course] the cup was found in Benjamin’s sack! The brother were horiffied when they say this and tore their closes, then they loaded their donkeys and returned back to Egypt.

v.14-17, Joseph was still in the palace when they arrived, he reprimanded them by telling them who can predict the future, why have they done such a thing. Judah [spokes person for the 11] said he couldn’t explain how this happened but they are innocent. He even went as far to suggest God had punished them for their sins. Then he told Joseph all the brothers (not just Benjamin) will be his slaves. Joseph said “NO!” Only the man whole stole the cup will be his slave! The rest should go home!

v.18-34, Judah speaks up and reminds Joseph (who was as powerful as Pharaoh–at least to the brothers) of their early conversations–and how they answered him honestly that they do have a younger brother back home. Then how he (Joseph) told them to bring the younger brother to see him. That they couldn’t or it would “kill” their Dad. But Joseph insisted and said if we don’t, we will never see you. Then they had to convince their Dad to let Benjamin come back to Egypt so they could buy some more food. Their Dad had two sons and one is dead and now we have taken away the other, and if he is not brought back to their Dad he will die grieving. So if they show without their brother Benjamin their Dad will die of grief on the spot (and the brothers will take full responsibility for “killing” their Dad). And Judah even told Joseph of his oath to his Dad–promising if he doesn’t bring Benjamin back he will take all the blame for the rest of his life. So Judah suggests that Joseph take him as the slave instead!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? I know Joseph is trying to teach his brothers a lesson. But I think Judah really understands how serious this whole situation is to not only to Benjamin but more importantly to his Dad Jacob (Israel). And Judah along with the other brothers really are starting to feel great remorse for what they did to their brother Joseph. I think they are not just sorry for what they did to Joseph (thinking he is dead or a slave) but they are also very sorry for what they did to their Dad. Judah is even willing to take the penalty for his younger brother–not knowing if he did the crime or not.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I know my sins will find me out, and I need to live that way. Something struck me when I was writing this today, there are NO SECRETS when it comes to God. I can’t hide my sins from him anymore than you can. I want to live my life remembering this. So whether it is a lie or my “pet-sin” I need to steer clear. And I can only do this with God’s help.

God, help me to not only steer clear of doing my pet-sin but also to not be in a situation that will bring me to be tempted to sin. I can’t do this alone, so please help me. Thank you.

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Please pray! Please continue to pray

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