Day 38…Genesis 42:

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Genesis 42: Joseph’s brothers 1st visit to Egypt

v.1-8, Jacob found there was food in Egypt so he sent his sons (except Benjamin because Jacob was concerned something might happen to him as did Joseph). So the 10 brothers went down to Egypt to get food, when they arrived they bowed down to Joseph who was running Egypt [sound familiar?] and the person who was in charge of giving out the food rations. Joseph recognized them immediately but treated them like strangers and spoke harshly to them and asked them where they have come from. The brothers didn’t recognize Joseph and they answered him with fear and told him they were from Canaan and that they were there to buy food.

v.9-17, Joseph accused his brothers four times of being spies (v.9, 12, 14 & 16). They told him they weren’t but sons of the same man and the youngest was back at home with the Father and of course one brother is dead. Then Joseph put them to a TEST… he demanded one bro bring their youngest bro to him while the rest stay in prison. Then when they bring Benjamin to Joseph he will know they aren’t spies. Then he threw them in prison for 3 days.

v.18-22, after 3 days Joseph altered his plan to the REAL PLAN…everyone but one (Simeon) go and get Benjamin and bring him to Joseph. They all could return home with grain to feed their family. (Even as Joseph was testing his bros he showed compassion on his whole family giving them food to take back home). But if they didn’t return with Benjamin then Simeon would be killed!!

The bros started to realize that by being asked to bring Benjamin back to Egypt was their punishment for what they did to Joseph–they saw how terrified he was begging for mercy but they didn’t listen! Of course Reuben basically said “I told you so and now we’re paying for Joseph’s murder!”-DeGraaf Paraphrase

v.23-28, The bros didn’t know that Joseph understand everything they were saying because he was using an interpreter. Joseph saw their remorse and had to go away and cry. When he gained his composure he took Simeon and put him in prison and took the money the bros used to pay for the grain and put it all back in their sacks with the grain they bought. When the bros stopped for the night they discovered their money. They were scared because they were afraid Joseph would accuse them of theft which would confirm that they were indeed spies.

v.29-38, when they got back home they told Jacob everything. Jacob got very upset at the prospect of loosing another son (Simeon) and now they want to take Benjamin. Reueben spoke up to assure his Father that he would bring back Benjamin safely and if he didn’t Jacob could kill Reuben’s own 2 sons! But Jacob refused to let Benjamin go because he thought Joseph was dead and didn’t want to loose another son.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Even though Joseph puts the fear of God in his bros (through his test), he still loves them and forgives them (eventually). He even showed deep sadness for them when they were feeling remorse for what they had “supposedly” done to Joseph. I need to do that same to those who have hurt me. Those people are also God’s servants and are trying to do God’s bidding the way they feel is best for those they’re serving.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I need to love and forgive those who have hurt me. I need to pray God’s blessing on their ministry!

God, help me to show true forgiveness even if those who have hurt me never show true remorse. I also need to let go of the hurt and forget it. Move on. Please help me with this because I can’t do this on my own.

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