Day 36…Genesis 40:

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Genesis 40: Joseph interprets 2 dreams in jail!

v.1-4, eventually the cupbearer and baker crossed Pharaoh and he put them in jail (where Joseph was). Joseph was in charge and took care of all their needs.

v. 4-8, after awhile they both had a dream on the same night. When Joseph arrived the next morning he noticed they looked down so he asked what was wrong. They told him they had a dream but there was no one to interpret their dreams. Joseph said “doesn’t God interpret dreams?” and ask what they dreamt.

v.9-11, Cupbearer’s Dream: a vine with 3 branches. It blossomed and clustered into grapes and he was holding the cup again. He took the grapes and squeezed them into Pharoah’s cup and gave it to him.

v.12-15, The Meaning: 3 branches=3 days. In 3 days Pharaoh will take you out of jail and give you back your old job.
—-> Joseph said “REMEMBER ME and tell Pharaoh I’m here and I don’t deserve to be. I was kidnapped from the land of Hebrew.”

v.16-17, Baker’s Dream: 3 baskets of bread on my head. On the top basket where pastries for Pharaoh but the birds were eating from the top of my head.

v.18-19, The Meaning: 3 baskets=3 days. In 3 days Pharaoh will take off your head and stick it on a post and the birds will pick your bones clean.


Pharaoh did exactly as Joseph had interpreted. He restored the CUPBEARER back to his OLD JOB and he CUT OFF THE HEAD of the BAKER and stuck it on a post.

BUT the cupbearer FORGOT all about Joseph and his request!!!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Joseph was faithful to God EVEN in the worse circumstances. He could have decided not to interpret the dreams to spite God by not use his abilities he rec’d from God. But he chose to use his gifts even he wasn’t guaranteed release from prison. Even though the cupbearer forgot him, God didn’t! His faith was not destroyed by his circumstance.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I can’t allow my circumstances to dictate how STRONG or WEAK my faith in God will be. If things are going fine my faith should be as strong as it is when things are terrible.

God, help me to keep a strong faith, and trust you even when it seems like you have forgotten about me!

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