Day 31…Genesis 35:

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Genesis 35: Jacob returns to Bethel

v.1-5, God spoke to Jacob and told him to go back to Bethel and live there and build an altar to God. Jacob obeyed and before he left he told his family to get rid of all foreign gods, clean up ritually, change their clothes then go to Bethel to build an altar to God. So they gave him all the idols and their lucky earrings. Jacob buried everything under the oak tree near Shechem. Then they set off to Bethel. No one followed them from the surrounding town because everyone was terrified of God.

v.6-8, Jacob along with his family arrived in Luz (Bethel) in Canaan. He built an altar called the place El Bethel (God of the House of God) because this is the place God revealed himself to Jacob when he was running from Esau. At the same time Rebekah’s nurse Deborah died. She was buried under the oak tree, so Jacob called it Allon-bacuth (the Tree of Crying).

v.9-15, God revealed himself again to Jacob (6th time) at Paddan Aram and he blessed him. Like his father and his father’s father, God changed his name: ISRAEL (God wrestler). God reminded Israel of the promise he made to Abraham and Issac — give him the land he gave to Abraham and Issac. Then God left. Jacob set up a stone marker to mark the place where God had spoken to him and poured a wine and oil offering on it. Jacob name the place Bethel (House of God).

Rachel’s final son: BENJAMIN:

v.16-20, they left Bethel, and they were still quite far from Ephrath when Rachel went into hard labour..

12. Rachel named her final son just before she died Benoni (Son of My Sorrow) but Israel renamed him BENJAMIN (Son of My Right Hand)

then Rachel died and was buried on the road to Ephrath (Bethelehem). Israel set up a pillar to mark her grave site. It’s still there today called “Rachel’s Grave Stone.”

v.21-22, Israel moved on his way to Canaan and set up his tent at Migdal Eder. Unfortunately while living in that region, Reuben (eldest son) slept wit Bilhah (Israel’s concubine) and Israel heard about it.

Here are Jacob’s sons (also the 12 tribes of Israel):

Sons of Leah: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar & Zebulun

Sons of Rachel: Joseph & Benjamin

Sons of Bilhah: Dan & Naphtali

Sons of Zilpah: Gad & Asher    ———–> All born in Paddan Aram.

v.27-29, Jacob made it home back to his Dad Issac at Mamre in Kiriath Arba (today: Hebron). Issac now at 180 yrs old died and was buried with his family by his sons Esau & Jacob.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? God keeps his promises even it is NOT IN OUR TIMING. God has made Abraham a father of many nations through his son’s son (Jacob). It probably wasn’t how Abraham expected it but God did as he said he would — he promised!

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Remember God keeps his promises and trust him to take care of my family and me in this new chapter of our life.Wherever God has me go or do, I need to trust he has my best interest in mind.

God, help me to trust and not doubt!

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