Day 30…Genesis 34:

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Genesis 34: Shechem rapes Dinah (big brothers avenges her)

v.1-4, one day Dinah went to visit some of the women in Shechem–girls day out! Shechem (Hamor’s son) saw her and RAPED her. Then he started to have strong feelings for her, and fell in love with her. Shechem went to his Dad and told him to get her for him as his wife!


v.5-7, Jacob heard that Shechem had raped his daughter. His sons didn’t know because they were away tending to the flock in the fields. Jacob didn’t tell them until they returned. At the same time Hamor went to Jacob to work out marriage arrangements. On their way home Jacob’s sons found out about the rape of their sister (Dinah). They were outraged and knew that the rape should not be put up with or aloud as it was a it was shameful/intolerable in Israel to do such a thing.

v.8-10, Hamor (on behalf of his son) told Jacob and his sons of Shechem’s love for Dinah and that he wanted to marry her. He even came up with a deal: “intermarry with us, give s your daughters and we will give your ours–one big happy family.”

v.11-12, FINALLY Shechem spoke for himself [that’s how much he was in love with Dinah]… he told them to please say yes and he would pay them anything…as high as they liked–sky’s the limit. He really wanted Dinah to be his wife.

v.13-24, Jacob’s sons answered deceitfully to Shechem and his father Hamor [because of what he had done to Dinah–rape]. They convinced Shechem and his men to get CIRCUMCISED then they will freely exchange their daughters in marriage and make themselves at home among them. Hamor & Shechem thought this seemed fair and went to the public square and convinced the council to CIRCUMCISE all the men of their town. The told them it was a good deal because Jacob was wealthy and eventually they would be able to get their hands on all of it. So the council agreed–every male was CIRCUMCISED!

v.25-29, 3 days after their circumcision, while all the men were still sore Simeon and Levi (2 eldest of Jacob’s sons) walked into the city and MURDERED every man with their swords. Especially killing Hamor & Shechem and rescued Dinah from Shechem’s house and left. The rest of Jacob’s sons came into the city and looted it of all of it’s valuables and took all the women and children as well.

v.30-31, Jacob [after hearing and seeing what his sons had done] told them off. He even said that the Canaanites & Perizzites can gang up on us and attack and wipe them out because of what they had done and you can’t do anything about it because of how small their family was. Jacob’s sons retorted back “nobody is going to treat our sister like a WHORE and get away with it.”

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Unlike Jacob’s sons, I should not take revenge on those who have wronged me because as Jacob mentioned in v.31 it will come back and bite me in the butt–through retaliation of all the people in the land of Canaan. I should leave the revenge up to God. I know rape is wrong and dispicable but it wasn’t up to Levi and Simeon to right this wrong. They should have left it up to God. I should do the same. Hopefully some day they will be held accountable by God or others for what they have done.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Leave the revenge up to God, no matter how badly I was treated, I need to let God hold them accountable for what they have done.

God, help me to leave the revenge up to you, even if it isn’t in my lifetime. Hold me to it.

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