Day 29…Genesis 33:

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Genesis 33: Esau finally meets up with Jacob & forgives him

v.1-4, Jacob looked up and saw Esau coming towards him with his 400 men. He quickly divided his kids up among his 2 wives & servants by who they were born to. He put the servants and their kids up front followed by Leah and her kids, Rachel and Joseph with Jacob leading the way.

Jacob approached Esau and bowed 7 TIMES HONOURING his brother BUT Esau [skipped all the formalities] and run up and kissed and hugged Jacob tight. They both cried.

v.5-12, Esau looked around and saw all the women and children and asked who’s they were. Jacob told his brother they were his family, a blessing from God. Then one by one his wives and children bowed to Esau. Esau asked why he was met by all the herds. Jacob explained that he was hoping all the “gifts” would help find favour in Esau’s eyes and he would welcome Jacob with open arms. Esau told Jacob he has plenty of everything and doesn’t need his “gifts.” Jacob insisted and finally Esau accepted. Then Esau told Jacob as he leads, let’s go.

v.13-16, Jacob told Esau to go ahead. His children are weak and his flocks were nursing which will all slow down the trip. And if he pushes them he is afraid they might die. He told Esau said he would catch up in Seir. Esau tried to lend Jacob some men but Jacob thanked him for the offer and told him his welcome was all he needed. Then Esau left for Seir.

v.17-20, Jacob went on to Succoth (shelters) and built a shelter for his family & livestock. He finally arrived in Shechem (Canaan) enroute to Paddan Aram. He bought the land near the city, for 100 pieces of silver from the sons of Hamor. Then he built an altar there to God, name the place El Elohe Israel (mighty is the God of Israel).

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ME? Jacob was shown true forgiveness by Esau and he didn’t deserve it. Esau had every right to hurt Jacob because he took both Esau’s birthright and blessing! But Esau showed sincere grace, mercy and forgiveness! Wow!!

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I need to show the same forgiveness to those that have hurt me. I need to take Esau’ example and left go of my bitterness and truly forgive…leave the revenge up to God.

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