Day 27…Genesis 31:

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Genesis 31: Jacob tries to leave Laban

v.1-3, Jacob was getting uneasy with the way Laban’s sons were talking about him (behind his back). Laban was treating him and his family very differently as well. That’s when God told Jacob to go back home, HE would be with him.

v.4-9, Jacob set up a secret meeting with his wives (Leah & Rachel) and told them that their father (Laban) has changed the way he treats him. Then Jacob went on a rant about how hard he has worked for their father and at every turn their father has cheated him (re: wages). But God never let Laban hurt him. No matter how many time Laban tried to cheat Jacob, God intervened and Jacob has been rewarded with Laban’s flock.

v.10-13, still speaking to his wives he tells them about his dream:

Jacob saw male goats mating — speckled, spotted and streaked. Angel of God told Jacob to look up and see all the these goats because God has seen everything that Laban was doing to Jacob. Then he told Jacob to go back home for he is the God of Bethel where you (Jacob) made a vow with God.

v.14-16, both Rachel and Leah piped up and told Jacob they aren’t being treated any better either. They are being treated like outsiders. All Laban wanted was the money for selling his daughters and even that he has spent already. Any wealth that God has given you from our Dad is justly yours/ours–so let’s leave as God has told you!

v.17-18, So Jacob gathered all his family together, including all his flock and headed back to his father Issac in the land of Canaan.

v.19-25, Laban was off shearing his sheep when Rachel stole his household gods. Laban went ahead with his plan and left in a hurry without telling Laban. He took everything that belonged to him and crossed the Euphrates Riven went towards the mountains of Gilead. 3 days later Laban heard Jacob had run away so Laban gathered up his family and chased after Jacob. 7 days later he caught up to Jacob in the mountains of Gilead. That night God comes to Laban in a dream “Be careful what you do to Jacob, whether good or bad.”(MSG) When Laban reached Jacob’s campsite he too pitched his tents there.

v.26-30, Laban confronts Jacob and tells him off for sneaking off and not telling him. He even refers to what Jacob did was holding his daughters as prisoners of war. He goes on to say that if Jacob had told him, Laban would have had a great celebration to see them all off [which we know this is not true because Jacob has tried to leave a number of times]. Laban goes on to say that Jacob didn’t even give him a chance to at least kiss his daughters and grandkids good-bye. “If I had a mind to, I could destroy you right now, but God spoke to me last night and told me to be careful what I do to you, both good and bad.” (MSG) Then he accused Jacob of STEALING HIS HOUSEHOLD gods!

v.31-32, Jacob answers that he left because he was AFRAID that Laban would take away his wives (Laban’s daughters). But regarding the gods, if Laban finds them, whoever has them dies (Jacob didn’t know Rachel had stolen the gods).

v.33-35, Laban went through Jacob, Leah and their servants’ tents and didn’t find anything. Then he went to Rachel’s tent (she had taken the gods and put them her camel’s saddle-bag and was sitting on them pretending she was having her period. When Laban came into her tent she used that as her excuse for not getting up. Of course he didn’t find anything as he turned her tent upside down.

v.36-42, now that Laban was done searching and found NOTHING, Jacob gave it to him. “What is my crime? What is my offense that you have come chasing after me? Now that you’ve rummaged through all my things, did you find anything from your house? Put it here in front of all our relatives. Let them decide which one of us is right. I’ve been with you for 20 years. Your sheep and goats never miscarried, and I never ate any rams from your flocks. I never brought you any of the flock that was killed by wild animals. I paid for the loss myself. That’s what you demanded of me when any of the flock was stolen during the day or at night. The scorching heat during the day and the cold at night wore me down, and I lost a lot of sleep. I’ve been with your household 20 years now. I worked for you 14 years for your two daughters and 6 years for your flocks, and you changed my wages ten times. If the God of my father, the God of Abraham and the Fear of Isaac, had not been with me, you would have sent me away empty-handed by now. God has seen my misery and hard work, and last night he made it right.” (GWT)

v. 43-47, Laban defends himself by telling Jacob everything (daughters, grandkids, flock…everything) he has is really Laban’s! Laban knew there was nothing he could do so he told Jacob to settle this is a covenant/agreement between the 2 of them–God will be the witness. Jacob took a stone and put it upright as a marker then he told his family to go get stones and heap them on top of each other to make a pile. Then the ate a meal together right there. Laban named the place in Aramaic: YEGAR-SHADUTHA (witness monument/pile). Jacob named it in Hebrew: GALEED.

v.48-55, Laban said that this pile of stones will stand as a witness between us beginning right now! It is called Galeed and Mizpah (watchtower) because God will watch over both of us when we are out of each other’s sight. If Jacob mistreats his wives (Laban’s daughters) or marries other women, God will see him and be a witness to such things. This monument will also be a marker that Laban won’t cross the line to hurt Jacob and vice versa. God will be the judge between them. Jacob agreed and made an oath as well. Then Jacob offered up a sacrifice and invited all his family to eat together. Then they went to sleep on the mountain. Early the next morning Laban left to go back home, after kissing his daughters and grandkids…of course.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? No matter how BAD Laban treated Jacob, God still watched over him. God didn’t allow Laban to harm Jacob. In the say way God will continue to watch over me and my family no matter what other say or do to me. God also got Laban to reconcile to Jacob by forming a covenant/agreement that they would not harm each other and God would be their witness.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I hope someday those that have hurt/harmed me and my family will reconcile with me. I also hope that what they have done will be exposed someday, as well.

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