Day 26…Genesis 30:

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Genesis 30:25-43: Jacob’s wages: speckled/strong flock

v.25-28, after Rachel had Joseph, Jacob told Laban he wanted to finally go home! He wanted to take all his children and wives (which he worked for–14 yrs) and go home. But Laban pleaded with him to stay and told him to name his wages. He knew that because of Jacob he had been blessed by God.

v.29-30, Jacob explained to Laban how hard he had worked and because of his hard work Laban’s flock had flourished. The little Laban had before Jacob came to care for his flock has increased in number and the Lord has blessed whatever Jacob has done. Jacob then asked Laban when can he do something for his own family??!

v.31-34, Laban asked Jacob “what should I pay you?” Jacob told him “you don’t have to pay me.” Then he thinks about it and says “instead, do something for me, and I’ll stay…”

Jacob wanted to keep all the SPECKLED or SPOTTED sheep. Every dark coloured lamb and spotted/speckled goat. (this will be Jacob’s wages. And Laban can check in the future if Jacob has stolen any flock).

v.35-36, Laban agreed, BUT that same day he removed all the animals that were speckled and spotted and all that were dark coloured (even those with a touch of white on them) and gave them to his sons to care for. 3-days journey away [because he didn’t want Jacob to find them?] Meanwhile Jacob went on tending what was left of the flock.

v.37-43, Jacob got fresh Poplar, Almond and plane trees and peeled the bark on them in strips of white. Then he placed the branches in front of the watering troughs were the flock came to drink. When the flock were in heat and went to drink, they mated in front of the branches, then they gave birth to streaked, speckled, spotted BABIES!! Then Jacob separated his spotted, speckled and streaked flock from Laban’s flock. He did this especially with the STRONGER animals but not with the WEAK animals. That way the weak animals went to Laban and the strong ones went to Jacob. Jacob got richer and richer, acquiring huge flocks and lots and lots of servants, camels and donkeys.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Even when men mean something to harm me, God can use it for good. Laban agreed to a fair wage for Jacob then took away all the animals that “belonged” to Jacob. But Jacob was able to correct his unfair thing by simply allowing God to “do his thing!” And Jacob ended up being rich and having way more that Laban could ever give him.

—-> Why didn’t Laban let Jacob leave? Hmmm… I can relate.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Let God do his thing! Try not to seek revenge on those that have hurt me but leave it all in God’s hands.

God, in the past I was very angry and wanted desperately to set the record straight, to seek revenge, to tell of the terrible things that have happened to me–both have been said and done to me. But I need to let you set the record straight. This is going to be hard even as I think back to that day, but please help me to do just that. Someday please God hold those accountable for what they did to me?!

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Thanksgiving Day 27…Genesis 31:

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